I was in the elevator w/ Korn and didn’t realize it (and other famous people I’ve met traveling).

With enough time in the air or in hotels, you’re bound to run into some famous or famous-ish people. My list is actually kinda short, which is probably because I am not paying too much attention to that sort of thing and I fly Southwest a lot…not a lot of celebs on Southwest. That said…here’s my list:

  • Anthony Bourdain. Flight from LGA to SAN. He got my upgrade…ugh. Seemed like a nice guy.
  • Jonathan Davis. Lead Singer of Korn (and his wife who recently died). Kind of a funny story here. I was staying at nicer Hampton Inn near the Brooklyn Bridge. There was some sort of “Free Concert” being setup down the street near the water. The place was a buzz. I didn’t know who was playing there and really wasn’t interested. I had NY Pizza on my mind. Anyway, as I was heading down the elevator it stopped on a floor and a group of “rock and roll” looking people came on. A big party. I didn’t recognize anyone, but they were clearly heading to the show. I asked them if they were heading over and they said yes. They were pretty nice folks. I told them to enjoy the show. When we arrived in the lobby we all exited to a crowd of fans clearly not there to see me. I then realized it was Mr Davis and Korn was playing. I am NOT a fan of Korn at all (although I love rock). My best friend on the other hand is a HUGE fan of Korn. I shared the story w/ him…he was beside himself at the fact I didn’t realize who it was.


  • Jimmy Fallon. JFK airport. He realized he’d been recognized and did a 180.


  • The Business Manager for Insane Clown Posse. This is under the “famous-ish / weird” category. Sat next to the nicest guy in the world…almost an accountant type guy who did something business related for the weirdest band in the world.
  • Steven Tyler. Security line in New Orleans. He’s so tiny and old and was wearing chick jeans.


  • Jack White. Delta flight from Nashville to Los Angeles. Same flight as Trace Adkins.
  • Trace Adkins. Same flight as Jack White. Sat down next to me at the gate, but he had a cold and looked tired. I left him alone.


  • Jamey Johnson – Country Musician. Marine. Flight from LAS to BNA.
  • Tom Smith. Author of the Oz Principle leadership book. Not sure if this counts as “famous” but he was a really nice guy. Like really nice. He’s also Mormon and tried to convert me…but he was so nice, I give him a pass on that.

Now that I see the entire list…I realize that ONLY 1 of them (The Marine!) was on a Southwest flight. They were all Delta. LOL.

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