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Where to buy Travel Themed Laptop Stickers

The Best Travel Themed Laptop Stickers (and where to buy ’em)

by Jeremy B

The best travel themed laptop sticker and travel stickers you didn’t know you wanted! We’ve got ’em and I think you will be inspired (or at least, your coworkers and friends will be jealous…hehe!).

I was recently given a really cool laptop sticker by another member of our leadership team. It was a custom made stylized image of a dumpster that was on fire with a line through it. In other words, “no dumpster fires” allowed. It was significant because internally we’d been facing a rough patch with a particular team and to use a common phrase, it was a dumpster fire…

It got me thinking about laptop stickers in general. I’d always seen them, but never really jumped on the bandwagon. It was usually cool product managers at trade shows that had them, or cyber security pros, and the occasional developer or trainer. But not me.

But after being gifted this cool laptop sticker I started to poke around and was pleasantly surprised at how many cool stickers for laptops actually exist! And, you can create custom laptop stickers too…who knew!? Not me anyway….lol.

Well, since we are a travel blog we started thinking about the kinds of stickers that frequent travelers might like. Maybe you are a business traveler, or perhaps just a digital nomad, or simply a vacationer…who wants to commemorate a cool trip you and the family took.

We’ve got you covered! We’ve done the research and found several different types of travel stickers for laptops and we share some of our favorites (including a Baby Yoda Laptop Sticker!) with all of you!

Cool Travel Themed Laptop Stickers / Travel Stickers

I’ve shared some of my personal favorites and/or really cool travel stickers for laptops. Here’s a few I particularly like. I can’t confirm or deny if my laptop is now plastered with these… 🙂

Giant Mess of Travel Stickers / Laptop Stickers that’s actually pretty cool

Amazon features these giant batches of laptop stickers (with a theme). For example, you can buy a 100 Piece World Tourism themed collection of travel stickers (see pic, below):

Eat Well Travel Often Hot Air Balloon Cupcake Laptop Sticker

I don’t know why this one resonated with me, but it really did. So creative, right? Travel themed, with a hot air balloon and a cupcake. Pretty cool.

travel stickers & laptop stickers

Airport Code Laptop Sticker

I snagged one of these for my home airport (which is Ontario, ONT), but you can get one for just about any airport code you want…including FUK.

People Don’t Take Trips, Trips Take People Travel Sticker

I am the kind of person who loves to see what’s around the bend or over the hill. Occasionally, I get lost, but that’s often part of the fun! You never know what kind of new paths you will find when you wander a bit.

Only One Who Wanders - Sticker - Airportag

Baby Yoda Laptop Sticker

Who doesn’t love Baby Yoda!? Find me a person who doesn’t love the little fella and I will show you someone who’s not human…lol. Here’s a cute sticker that you can throw on the back of your car OR better yet, you laptop.

Baby Yoda Laptop Sticker Travel Sticker

London Laptop Sticker / Travel Sticker

London is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Why not memorialize your trip with this iconic London logo?

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All 50 States Travel Stickers

You will probably need a bigger laptop to fit all 50 stickers on, but these are pretty cool and fit nicely on your laptop.

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VW Bus Laptop Sticker / Travel Sticker

I am 1000% all over this sticker. As a VW guy myself this immediately takes me to a place of freedom, adventure and simplicity.

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Go Travel Sticker for Laptop

Simple. Elegant. And what we all want to do: Go Travel! Stick it your corporate laptop and remind your colleagues to take some time for themselves!

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Airplane Silhouette Sticker

This classic silhouette of a plane can memorialize where you spend most of your time: in a plane (and hopefully not in a middle seat!).

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Retro Travel Stickers

These retro stickers are so cool and make the perfect laptop travel sticker. Snag ’em and adorn your laptop!

travel stickers & laptop stickers

Oregon Trail Laptop Sticker

I don’t know why this laptop sticker resonated with me, but man, it did. Maybe it took me back to a pre-Fortnite era. Yeah, this one of my games growing up. And it featured travel…

travel stickers & laptop stickers

There is no cloud laptop sticker

This really doesn’t haven’t anything, per se, to do w/ travel, but as a techie I kinda laughed.

There is no cloud laptop sticker

Indiana Jones Laptop Sticker

Indiana Jones was the penultimate adventure traveler and a classic silhouette image of him is perfect for your laptop.

Indiana Jones Laptop Sticker

Places that sell laptop stickers with a travel theme

Alrighty…that’s a wrap on the best laptop travel stickers. If none of the above tickled your fancy, there are many other places that sell stickers. I’ve highlighted a few interesting options, below:


Thanks for stopping in. I hope you found the perfect laptop sticker to memorialize your love of travel. Maybe it’s a place you want to go, or maybe a place you’ve been that blew your mind. Either way, adorning your laptop with travel themed stickers is pretty darn cool.

The Best Travel Themed Laptop Stickers

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DaninMCI February 3, 2020 - 11:46 am

Cool resources on this. I prefer to gather my laptop stickers organically when I travel. I love souvenir shops and usually will pick one up as I see good ones that I like. Randomly buying 100 of them on Amazon is very cool but not nearly as personal. Great resources on this post. Thanks.

The C Boarding Group February 3, 2020 - 5:59 pm

I like that idea of buying them in the local gift shops. Really makes a memory too because it was THERE. Good call!


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