Travel Tip Tuesday Never Leave your Toothbrush in the Hotel Room

Travel Tip Tuesday #1: Don’t Leave your toothbrush in the hotel room

It’s Travel Tip Tuesday and this is the first post we’ve done in our new “Travel Tip Tuesday” Series. From here on out, readers of the CBoardingGroup will be treated to a different critical, must-know, life-altering (ok, that’s probably too dramatic) travel tip each Tuesday.

I am excited about this new series. It’s a simple and straightforward way to share a single travel tip each week that should be incredibly useful to you as you travel.

The first subject we are covering is in the travel safety-ish arena. This January we’ve been heavily focusing on traveler safety with pieces like:

So with our first Travel Tip Tuesday post we thought we’d keep in that general arena with an important “safety tip” regarding your toothbrush!

Travel Tip Tuesday:  Never leave your toothbrush in the hotel room!

Hotel life is a key part of the travel experience. If you travel you likely spend a lot of time in hotels. We’ve covered hotels safety tips extensively before, but we are highlighting a sort of gross, sort of funny, but super important travel tip in our first post:

Never leave your toothbrush in the hotel room.

Travel Tip Tuesday #1 - Never Leave your Toothbrush in the Hotel Room

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Why you ask? Well just google “Hotel Maids Toothbrush” and you will never leave it behind in. Maybe it’s just urban legend or maybe it’s true. Who knows…

I ain’t taking the chance!

Always bring it with you! And if you do feel so inclined to leave it behind…for the love of god, hide the thing!

And if you leave it out on the counter like I did the other day….just toss it right in the trash! The hotel can give you a freebie if you need a replacement.

There’s a hidden benefit to bringing your toothbrush with you…you can brush you nasty fangs after scarfing that philly cheesesteak at lunch!

Speaking of travel toiletries you might be interested to see how I buy my travel toiletries (in bulk) to save money!

See you next Travel Tip Tuesday for another interesting installment

I hope you enjoyed this first travel tip Tuesday! Stay tuned (hopefully each week) for a new travel tip and don’t forget to follow us on social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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  6. Anca

    Another instance that reminds me hotel rooms are among the filthiest places in the world! Traveling with a toddler, I am always trying to lock everything in our bag before room service comes in!


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