Travel Tip Tuesday Learn the History of your destination first

Travel Tip Tuesday #6: Research your destination’s history!

In this week’s Travel Tip Tuesday post we are talking about history! As our readers know, our new “Travel Tip Tuesday” series publishes one interesting (and often funny) travel tip. Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

And this week we offer this interesting travel tip: research the history of the area you are visiting – it will make for a more compelling visit!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Learn the “Story” before you go!

Regular business travelers have a tendency to want to move fast. We are usually on the go and trying to get to our destination and then get back. However, a trick I learned a few years back is to spend a little time researching the area’s history before you get there.

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Wikipedia is your friend here. Let’s say I am visiting Minot, ND (which I have by the way). A quick glance let’s me know this city is called the Magic City and that Al Capone’s gang was involved in bootlegging back in Prohibition. Fascinating stuff.


During my visit to Minot we were stopped by policeman who’d blocked off the road to our hotel. Apparently there was a crazy homeless guy that’d climbed on top of a metal bridge and was threatening to jump (it was like 20 feet so not exactly Mt Everest). The sign on the bridge? “Welcome to Magic City.”

Made for some good jokes about the Magic stuff this fella was smoking.

I always try to learn a bit more about the place I am visiting whenever possible. It makes the experience a little richer and you never know what you might find. Occasionally you might find yourself next to some really interesting “it happened here” kind of stuff.

For example, did you know that the capitol of Salem Oregon (which is an AMAZING piece of architectural beauty) is actually the 3rd capitol building built in Oregon? The first two burnt down. You can read all about things to do in Salem Oregon here.


So…on your next trip, slow down a bit, do a little research on your destination and have a richer experience.

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  1. Cipher

    I am torn about this one, there are cool places I have visited in the States and cool places on the rare overseas trip. So for States I would have to say Watertown, NY and overseas Wiesbaden Germany. The Gutenberg Museum in nearby Mainz is worth checking out.


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