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VIDEO: Passenger hits flight attendant tries to open cabin door midflight

by Jeremy B

On Sunday, a Delta flight experienced an unruly passenger who apparently struck a flight attendant as he tried to open the cabin door mid-flight.

Delta Flight 2349, bound for Boston on Sunday, faced a scary situation when a passenger on the flight became unruly and attempted to open the cabin door while the plane was inflight.

Passenger Mark French, interviewed below, recorded a partial video of the incident before intervening himself along with several law enforcement officials who happened to also be on the flight.

The video below, from news station WCVB in Boston, shows the partial video along with an interview of French.

French notes the passenger was “Not a small guy” estimating the passenger was at least 280lbs. After subduing the passenger it was reported that he screamed for much of the remaining portion of the flight “let me out of here, this isn’t my home.”

Delta issued a statement noting:

“Law enforcement officials and medical personnel met Delta Flight 2349 operating from Atlanta to Boston upon arrival due to a disruptive customer on board.”

Speaking about his actions to intervene, French commented, “I am not going to be taken down by some idiot who wants to get off.”

No motives are currently known.

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