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The Best Travel Gifts for Her – A Gift Guide for Women Who Love to Travel

Have a travelin’ gal in your life? Or maybe it’s you and you just need to drop some major hint-hint-hints to your significant other this holiday season (or any time you need to give a gift – including Valentine’s Day, Birthdays and more!). Find the perfect travel gift with this list of the Best Travel Gifts for Her!

Note: this post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase something. This is at no cost to you and helps me keep the lights on around here. 

Best Travel Gifts for Her – Overview

For easier consumption, we’ve divided this list of Great Travel Gifts for Women into the following categories:

  • Clothing
  • Travel Gear & Gadgets
  • Stocking Stuffers

So, sit back, get your credit card out, and find the absolute best travel gifts for your special lady!

Best Travel Gifts for Women – Clothing

Every gal wants to look good and be comfortable while they travel. Here are some great travel gifts ideas for the gal in your life in the clothing category. From tunics, to kimonos to plus size travel pants, there are some great clothes for the travel gal in your life.

This INC Draped Cardigan is a great sweater to bring on the next trip. Stylish and functional it looks good and keeps your warm.

The Levaca Long Sleeve Casual Tunic is a nice travel accessory – and very popular with female travelers.

The Bra & Lingerie Travel Case is a sexy, but still practical travel gift for her. Blow her mind with this one!

The Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress is ranked on Amazon as one of the most popular travel dresses for women.

 A 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan / Kimono is a nice layering piece that your gal will love. A perfect travel gift for her!

Best Travel Gifts for Her – Travel Gear & Gadgets

The travelin’ gal needs great gear! Here’s a list of the Best Travel Gifts for Her with a focus on Travel Gear & Gadgets. Cosmetic bags, Luggage, backpacks and more…it’s all here. You can’t get this wrong!

TravelPro is the preeminent standard for luggage. Delight your special gal with an amazing (and attractive) piece of quality luggage like the TravelPro Max Lite 4 Hardside.

A travel cosmetic bag by Patu is the perfect accessory for the women who travels. This affordable and stylish bag makes a great gift!

TravelPro Crew 11 21 Inch - Best Travel Gifts

Speaking of great luggage, the TravelPro Crew 11 21″ is one of the best travel gifts you can buy. Top of the line stuff here! Check out our product review.

The Venture Pal hiking backpack is a lightweight, functional and stylish backpack that works great for hiking, but also for air travel. It’s roomy, but not too bulky size, is the perfect companion for efficient travel.

Staying hydrated while traveling is a key part of healthy travel. The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is the perfect companion for regular or leisure traveling. Easily stow it in your luggage while going through security, then once on the other side, fill it up at one of the many convenient water filling stations airports now have!

The Gaiam Yoga Mat Foldable Travel Exercise & Fitness Mat is a great travel gift for the gal who wants to stay fit on the road.

Best Travel Gifts - Anker PowerCore 20100

The Anker PowerCore 20100 is a great travel gift for her that she will love. Help her stay charged on the road! Read our Anker PowerCore 20100 Product Review here.

Best Travel Gifts for Her – Stocking Stuffers

Here are the best small travel gifts that gal in your life. Fill that stocking up with great gifts with her in mind!

This Universal Travel Adapter is the perfect gift for the traveling gal. It supports power configurations in 150 countries!

These fun compression socks are great stocking stuffers for travelers. She’s guaranteed to love ’em!

Best Travel Gift WizGear Phone Mount

This is a fun, affordable and practical travel gift. The WizGear Phone Mount is perfect for use in the rental car on her next trip. Help her stay hands free with this simple, but creative travel gift for her! You can read our product review for the Wizgear Phone Mount here.

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That’s the end of the list of the Best Travel Gifts for Her!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the Best Travel Gifts for her! It can be darned hard to find the right gifts for your special lady. But, hopefully, with this gift guide for women who love to travel, you can make the next gift you buy special.

We hope you blow her mind with the best travel gift you can find!

And if you are looking for more great travel gifts check out our entire gift guide – completely revamped for 2019: 53 Amazing Gifts for Business Travelers in the 2019 Gift Guide for Travelers.

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