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Hotel Review Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport

Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport

by Jeremy B

The Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport is conveniently located a short shuttle ride from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport and, as it turns out, is a pretty nice hotel. In this post we review the Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport as we share our experiences from a recent stay.

Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport Review

If you are a long time CBoardingGroup.com reader you know that we prefer to stay at Hilton properties but occasionally we stay other places (although rarely). I recently had the opportunity to stay at the Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport as part of a job interview and I was quite surprised at how nice my experience was. Here is my Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport Review.

The Good

I’ve had mixed results with Crowne Plaza’s (and IHG properties in general). And, of course, anytime you stay at an “airport” hotel you really don’t know what you are going to get. Could be super noisy. Often it’s in a bad neighborhood or a bit rundown.

None of that was really the case, per se, with the Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport. Yeah, it’s near the airport (a short shuttle ride) and so the neighborhood’s a little less than desirable (but not horribly sketchy).

Seattle Skyline.png

I didn’t hear any airplanes landing so either the flight path is adjacent to the property or they have sound proofed the heck out of the building. I checked in early (way early!) and since I have no status with IHG I expected to have to wait a few hours. Nope. They worked me right in which gave me a desk I could bang out some work emails.

The property was in good shape too. Yeah, the outside of the building was dated (as is often the case for CPs) but the interior was in good shape and had been remodeled semi-recently. It had modern decor and furniture and did NOT show any age.

I ate a late lunch at the hotel restaurant and enjoyed an unexpectedly good hamburger and some really good service. There was an old gentleman working the area who clearly knew how to be a waiter and was really knocking it out the park. I gave him a bigger tip than usual. The breakfast buffet was good as well with better than expected hotel food. No complaints here…and the same waiter was working (he must have been pulling a double!).

All in all, there was a lot of good things about the Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport!

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The Bad

On the flip side there were a few minor things worth noting that were bad – and I use that term very loosely here.

  • I hate that I have to call the shuttle to come pick me up…yeah, I know, I am being super picky (and lazy) I just wish they’d circle more.
  • It wasn’t cheap. The reason I stayed at this hotel in the first place was because the rates for Hilton properties in the Seattle area were nuts…and this was the cheapest I could find without going the “Best Western” route (not…gonna…happen). But the rates were still pretty high here (I think I paid over $300.00/night after fees and taxes)
  • The parking lot is weird…and gated because it appears it’s also a park n fly location. Meant that the ubers picking me up and dropping me off had a bit of a hassle getting out. We had to back up and switch lanes with people waiting behind us. He got a little flustered and I couldn’t help at all.

That’s really about the only negative things I have to say about what turned out to be a really enjoyable stay. Plus I got offered the job… 🙂

Should I stay at the Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport?

If you are doing work downtown…stay downtime. The uber ride was 35 minutes or so and a bit of a hassle. But if you need to be near the airport the Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport is a great option and it’s always better than a Hampton Inn!

Location: 17338 International Blvd, Seattle, Washington 98188

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DaninMCI August 21, 2019 - 6:28 pm

Not to be negative as I enjoyed this review but I guess I have to ask why you would take the shuttle to the airport? This hotel is across the street from the Link train station entry into the terminal. it’s like a 2 block walk to the check-in counters inside the terminal.

Also Uber is fine but traffic in this area is so bad that the Link train for $3 at 37 minutes to West Lake Station would be a better option since the station is almost in the parking lot of this hotel.
Another hotel in the area that is a great location is the Radisson which is even less of a walk to the terminal. There are several chain hotels right across the street from SEA-TAC that are good even on a long layover.

The C Boarding Group August 22, 2019 - 6:04 pm

Yeah I should have done that for sure. Next time!


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