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Hilton Brentwood Suites - Nashville TN a Hotel Review

Hotel Review: Hilton Brentwood Suites – Nashville TN

by Jeremy B

The Hilton Brentwood Suites – Nashville TN is a fine hotel perfectly suited for the frequent business traveler. In this Hilton Brentwood Suites Hotel Review we provide an overview of the property and share our experiences (and they are many) with this unassuming property.

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Hilton Brentwood Suites – a hotel review

Located in the well-to-do town of Brentwood Tennessee, the Hilton Brentwood Suites is unassuming at first glance. It’s late 80’s / early 90’s era exterior could give travelers the wrong impression. You know the type of hotels I am talking about. Those tired properties that may still carry the brand name but are lacking modern amenities and just a bit tired overall.

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That’s not really the case with the Hilton Brentwood Suites. Sure, there are some tired parts of the hotel, but overall it provides the perfect mix of value, comfort, service and quality a frequent business traveler has come to expect. Below I highlight the good and the bad parts of this hotel in my Hilton Brentwood Suites review.

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The Good

During a recent stint running a division of larger company I spent the last two years leading a Nashville team (Brentwood to be precise). During this time I spent at least one full week a month there (my home is in Socal) and for almost every trip I stayed at the Hilton Brentwood Suites hotel.

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Early on I experimented with a few other properties. Sure the Hilton Garden Inn is a bit newer, but it’s also more expensive and didn’t feature the larger suites that the Hilton Brentwood Suites has. There’s a lot to like about this property and I highlight some of it here:

  • Great Staff. When you stay at a hotel for 2 years the staff get to know you and the team that Manager Beau runs is solid. They always went above and beyond for me (being a Diamond helps too, I suppose). Even when I’d check in late at 2am the staff were friendly (even if I wasn’t).
  • Large Rooms (suites!). I came to really appreciate the two room suites. A full bedroom with living room, couch, etc. No kitchen included, but a microwave and small fridge. Sometimes I’d stay over the weekend and being able to sit on the couch and watch a football game was nice. I also used the pull out bed for my dad when he came to visit me one weekend (our travel overlapped). Instead of hot racking it w/ pops, he got his own bed. I took the nicer bed, of course. 🙂
  • Fair Prices. The best value for the money is how I phrase it. Sure, you can get a NICER hotel (and don’t get me wrong this hotel is NOT not nice), but I always paid a very fair rate here and usually $20-30 bux a night cheaper than the Hilton Garden Inn nearby.
  • Modern Bar. The Bar area is always packed (most nights that is) and served by pleasant staff who know how to make a great cocktail. They also know how to hold a conversation without being too pushy. As someone who spends a good part of his life in hotels, a hotel bar can be a nice respite from a long day.
  • Modern Lobby. The lobby and atrium area have been completely remodeled and feature a soaring expansive vaulted ceiling (think Embassy Suites interior). With modern decor and plenty of light guests can find plenty of spaces to wait, conduct a small meeting or grab a bite.
  • Good Food (as hotel food goes). Listen, I don’t have high standards when it comes to hotel food, but the Hilton Brentwood Suites has a capable menu including a solid breakfast (which has a buffet option) and a nice Executive Lounge too. The food is better than most hotel food.
  • Free HBO. Sounds funny to even note that as an amenity, but oddly it was sort of nice to have some higher order TV options available too me. Many hotels do NOT offer HBO, but the Hilton Brentwood does. Not a huge deal, but it was nice.

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The Bad

Like all hotels there is some bad. Not much, really, considering that this hotel could be in rough shape. But it’s not! Here’s a few nits that I found over the last 2 years staying here.

  • A bit tired…in spots (but not many). The hotel is old, and while much of it has been remodeled there are a few places where it shows its age. For example, the metal door casings look old, and like they’ve been repainted a few times too many. It’s not horrible, but the age of the hotel peeks out a bit there. Occasionally you will get a tired couch or desk, but for the most part the rooms are pleasant, modern and upgraded with two large flatscreen TVs. Sometimes you run into a tired Hilton and this one is NOT quite “that” hotel…but it does have a few small spots that show it’s age.
  • Parking is kind of a pain in the butt (if you don’t get there early enough). The problem is not places to park – there’s plenty of spots – the problem is parking close enough to door so you don’t have to far (in the cold or humidity). There is a small lot near the front that fills up REALLY quick so unless you get there right at 5 or 6PM you have to park a little farther away which means a longer walk.
  • Weird access. The hotel is actually not easily accessed from the freeway. While the freeway is near there’s no exit so you have to take a few surface streets which can feel a little circuitous until you realize it’s just bad city planning. I think the access is what turns people off and probably why the rates are always good.
  • Sometimes a tad noisy at night if your room is near the hotel bar. The bar is always packed (as I noted) and if you happened to get a 2nd floor room that overlooked the bar you could count on bar noise until around 10PM. This really wasn’t that big of a deal (it only happened 2x, I think), but I also teach college on the side and when doing an online class a mere 30 feet from a bar it can get a little annoying. Any other rooms are just fine though.

The Verdict

Is the Hilton Brentwood Suites worth your money? I say yes. As I noted in the intro I think it’s the perfect mix of value, quality, comfort and overall value. One of my colleagues was staying at the Hilton Garden Inn nearby (and very nice hotel, mind you) and he ended up switching to the Hilton Brentwood Suites because overall it was a better experience. So yes, stay here!

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