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Man registers his beer as emotional support animal

Man registers beer as emotional support animal (and we’re impressed)

by Jeremy B

Floyd Hayes may have pulled of the most epic travel hack of all time when he recently registered beer as an emotional support animal. Beer, if you didn’t know, is comprised of living organisms…

Floyd told the NY Post: “I travel from upstate to Brooklyn a lot and on the bus, they say it’s a federal crime to smoke or have an alcoholic beverage unless by prior written contest, and I always wondered where you get that consent. Not that I’m an alcoholic.”

As first reported by the Ale Street News, Hayes went on the say, “Said Hayes, “I’m not permitted a dog in my building, so I thought an emotional support beer would be more appropriate. It helps alleviate my anxiety and is a cost effective way to manage stress.”

Ok, then….gotta give this guy props for working the system, I guess.

But will this work?? Who knows, but I suspect not.

You can actually view his registration here (search for the code 1085780890).

Man registers his beer as emotional support animal

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For the record

For the record, while we believe some definite improvements are needed to the emotional support animal programs here in the United States, we are fully supportive of the value such animals provider their owners. And while this article is a little funny, we don’t condone this sort of behavior.

If you are looking for more information on potential upcoming changes to the emotional animal support program visit this article from View from the Wing.

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