Travel Tip Tuesday Number 20 - How to Make Your Bed Look Like a Hotel Bed!

Travel Tip Tuesday #20: How to Make your Bed Exactly like a Hotel Bed

How the heck do hotels get their beds looking so amazing!? My bed never looks like that and I doubt yours does either. If you are curious how hotels make their beds look so awesome and you want to replicate this in your home read on. Today’s Travel Tip Tuesday, the first in our focus on hotel tips and tricks, is all about the making a hotel bed.

It’s all about hotels this month! Yep, all of this June we are going to be bringing your hotel related travel tips and hotel hacks. So tune back in each Tuesday for the next tip. And, you can read all of the preceding Travel Tip Tuesday’s here.

How to make your bed at home just like a hotel bed!

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What kind of witchcraft do those hotel maids practice? How do they get their pillows to be so plump? Nary a wrinkle to be found, right? And it usually looks like it is ready for an HGTV photo shoot. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

We did a little research and found an amazing and insightful video that the pros over at HGTV put together that tells you exactly how to make a bed like a hotel. We give you the highlights, below, and then give you a link to the video so you can learn from the masters.

Here are the steps:

  • Thread count really isn’t that important! Yep, thread count, according to the experts, is less important than the quality of the cotton. Specifically, Egyptian cotton is preferred.

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  • Get the right setup. Yep, it’s takes a village – a village worth of bedding that is. Here’s what the experts at HGTV recommend for your bed making dream:
  • Mattress cover goes on first! It adds a little extra comfort & coziness.
  • Then install your fitted sheet (although, as HGTV points out, many hotels don’t use fitted sheets. They use flat sheets. Find out why here. It’s still ok (and more practical to use a fitted sheet at home, though).
  • To get crisp sheets…you could iron them, but HGTV has a different approach. This is interesting. They suggest you dry them about 95% and then put them on your bed slightly damp. Wait, what!? Yep.
  • Place your flat sheet. But don’t fold it down yet!
  • Place your comfy blanket…and now fold both sheet and blanket down exposing your sheet.
  • Tuck everything in nice and tight. And make some of those military or hospital corners you heard about (the video, below, shows you what HGTV means)
  • Place your duvet. If wrinkled spray a little water on it and stretch / smooth it out. The wrinkles will disappear. Downy dewrinkler works too. Make sure to fold your duvet down about half way giving plenty of room for pillow madness!
  • Add a throw blanket, if you have one.
  • Get pillow crazy. Yep, start with standard shammed pillows, then your European, then your sleeping pillows, then a few accent pillows. Make sure to plump your pillows.

Boom…there you have it. You now have a hotel quality bed – or at least one in disguise. Now…go lay down the law with your kids…NO TOUCHING MY BED!

Keep reading to see the full video from HGTV, below complete with visual instructions. And special thanks and credit goes to HGTV for putting this together!


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Here’s the full video from HGTV:

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Travel Tip Tuesday #20 How to Make your Bed Exactly like a Hotel Bed

Travel Tip Tuesday # 20 - How to Make Your Bed Look Like a Hotel Bed!

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