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Travel Tip Tuesday #32 - Get a Discounted Airport Lounge Pass and de-stress

Travel Tip Tuesday #32 – Get a Discounted Lounge Pass and de-stress

by Jeremy B

This week’s travel tip Tuesday advice is about easier and less stressful travel. Yup, the airport travel tip for this week has you investing in an airport lounge pass – specifically a discounted Priority Pass!

For the month of August we are focusing on Airport Travel Tips and Tricks. Yup, each Tuesday we will do a deep dive into some factor of airport life. Enjoy! By the way, you can read all of the preceding Travel Tip Tuesday’s here. 

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Travel Tip Tuesday #32 – How to get a discounted Priority Pass and why it makes sense

Airport Lounges are a potential haven for the weary traveler and if you are a frequent to semi-frequent traveler you should getting a membership. Undoubtedly you’ve seen airport lounges as you strolled the airport. Perhaps even sneaked a peek inside the door as a fellow business traveler zipped through the door and on to their next flight.

Lounges can be a welcome or helpful respite for the weary traveler. For example, when I flying Delta on a regular basis I would use the Sky Club in San Diego to snag some coffee and snacks before I jumped on the flight – saving me time and money and that’s just one of the many benefits of getting access to an airport lounge.

In fact, there are several benefits to getting access to an airport lounge:

  • Free Snacks / Drinks. It’s seldom a full fledged meal, but snacks including fruit, hors d’oeuvres, cheeses, meats, etc are usually available along with coffee, water, teas, soda and sometimes even booze.
  • Wi-fi access. This is less important than it used to be given how widespread wi-fi is, but generally a lounge will give you access to a different wi-fi network.
  • Peace & quiet. Usually, Lounges are quieter than the bustling airport terminals giving you the opportunity to make a phone call or two, or fire off some emails.
  • A place to rest for long layovers. Honestly, this is the best benefit. For really long layovers you can use a lounge to rest and relax. No need to wander around the airport hoping you can find a semi-quiet place to rest. Use a lounge.
  • Concierge service. Many lounges offer concierge service where airline reps can assist you with rebooking a flight if need or confirming an upgrade, etc. Not having to stand in a longer line at the gate to do this can be a time and hassle saver.

The downside to airport lounges is they can be a little pricey. Frequent flyers who’ve built up status with an airline may get discounted pricing. Same goes for some credit cards who may offer airline lounge access as a benefit to cardholders. One of the downsides of using an airline lounge is that not all airports have lounges for that airline.

Another option is to buy a membership to a company like Priority Pass which operates a network of airport lounges that are independent of airline lounges. Priority Pass has a few different pricing packages designed to suit your travel frequency without breaking the bank. Their current network of lounges is somewhere around 1200 worldwide. Not bad. Click here to explore Priority Pass options (affiliate link).

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Alternatively, you can usually buy a day pass to a lounge if you end up really needing one – but be ready to shell out some cash. A day pass could be a little pricey.

Regardless of your choice, I recommend considering getting a lounge pass if you are a frequent to semi frequent traveler. You won’t be disappointed.


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Travel Tip Tuesday #32 Get a Discounted Lounge Pass and destress

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