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Savannah, Georgia boasts a unique history, stunning architecture, and natural landscape. In fact, the city offers several one-of-a-kind attractions worth your time and remains a top destination location in the South. Here are the most unique things to do in Savannah, Georgia.

Unique Things to do in Savannah, Georgia

by Staff Writer

Savannah, Georgia boasts a unique history, stunning architecture, and natural landscape. In fact, the city offers several one-of-a-kind attractions worth your time and remains a top destination location in the South. Here are the most unique things to do in Savannah, Georgia.

As a coastal southern city in the picturesque state of Georgia, Savannah offers a one-of-a-kind point of view where you can feel its native roots exuding from its perfectly-lined oak trees to its decades-old mansions. The oldest city in the state, Savannah sits a mere 20 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and its namesake is the lethargic Savannah River. The city is consistently considered as one of the most beautiful US cities to visit and offers stunning architecture, great eats, and fascinating history.

  • This is a guest post written by Katie Pierce

Unique Things to do in Savannah, Georgia

You can partner with the simple elegance of this beautiful town and travel in style while walking in Savannah’s cobblestoned squares and streets. Soak in the culture and enjoy a different kind of fun in the city’s top attractions, and delicious restaurants—or if you prefer a more adventurous road—thrilling night tours to the cemetery!

There are so many unique activities that you can do in Savannah that can make your trip one for the books! So pack your bags and travel essentials because here is the ultimate list of unique things to do in Savannah, GA!

Visit historic spots in the city through a trolley.

Savannah is a city of rich history. It has an abundance of stories worth more than three centuries—which you can feel in its museums, churches, and landmarks. And what better way to experience this trip down memory lane than by riding a trolley?

The city offers old-fashioned trolleys that tour visitors to its historic places. You will be accompanied by a costumed tour guide who never runs out of narratives to tell!—from its connection to slavery, the realities during the Civil War, and so much more. It’s a great way to kickstart your first day in town and get a deeper view of its origins while feeling the East Coast air on your skin as the trolley moves from one museum to another.

Dine at retrofitted 17th-century mansions.

What makes up for the picturesque view of Savannah is the architecture of its centuries-old buildings and mansions. 

The Olde Pink House, one of the oldest mansions in Savannah, is transformed into a restaurant. It offers lunch and dinner reservations for a very affordable price! Dining here is a must-try experience. It’s where you can see how the past and the future can coexist.

Recreate movie scenes in a movie locations tour.

If you are a bit of a movie buff and have spare time to roam around the day, Savannah can offer you a peek at its famous movie location sites. You can take a picture on the memorable bench where Forrest Gump shared his chocolates. If you come with a significant other, you can even recreate the scene from Something to Talk About where Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid light up the screen!

Explore famous gardens and scenic greeneries. 

Savannah doesn’t fall short in providing you with a tranquil and calm spot that can restore your energy and help you meditate. You can pick what type of experience you want to have from the numerous parks and garden squares around town.

Savannah has Fort McAllister if you want a historic hike. You can drive on the Isle of Hope Historic District, where there are scenic rows of oak trees and Greek columns for a relaxing and fulfilling road trip. There’s also Forsyth Park for those who want to stay active—it has sports courts and stunning greenery. Inside this 30-acre lush greenery is Fragrant Garden—a philanthropic initiative for blind people. It’s a place where plants bear scents to let people with visual impairment enjoy their walking experience.

Ride the waves of nature in Savannah’s islands and river cruises.

A clear day calls for exploration beyond the coast of Savannah. You can go island hopping and dock on Tybee Island, where you can enjoy the rich ecosystem of Savannah. Take a tour of the local wildlife in the area. Go exotic birdwatching, experience alligator ponds, and if you’re lucky—you can even play with dolphins rounding the open sea! A bountiful seafood lunch awaits you after this adventure!

However, if you want to wind down and relax, there is a river cruise down Savannah River that you can take. Relax while overlooking the scenic landscape of the city and its landmarks. Amplify the experience and board the cruise at dusk to see Savannah light up with a majestic sunset in the background.

Bonus trip (and not for everybody): Go haunted house hopping. 

It is not a Savannah visit without trying its mysterious and paranormal side. Many mansions in the city are known for supernatural occurrences and stories. From a bright and vibrant city during the day, the city also bears an eerily beautiful vibe when the night falls. 

Get ready to experience ghost-hunting first-hand in Savannah. There are a lot of tour guides who can elaborate on the stories of the cobblestoned alleys and hollow mansions of the city. 

Aside from these unique activities, here are some adventures you can do in Savannah that you can add to your itineraries:

  • Kayak at Skidaway Narrows
  • Visit the 22 historic squares of Savannah
  • Admire the majestic religious sites in the city
  • Stroll along Jones Street, one of the most beautiful streets in America
  • Shop at the local market
  • Enjoy an ice cream at Leopold’s—a legendary ice cream shop and one of the top 10 best ice cream parlors in the world
  • See a show at the local Savannah theater

Savannah is a secret gem in the American South that any visitor can enjoy.

Honestly, you’re missing out on a lot of experience if Savannah isn’t still at the top of your places to visit. 

This simple town has a lot of fun to offer and most travelers will leave the city smiling, fulfilled, and maybe, a little bit spooked. But it’s a place you can’t wait to visit once again.

Katie Pierce is a teacher-slash-writer who loves telling stories to an audience, whether it’s bored adults in front of a computer screen or a bunch of hyperactive 4-year-olds. Writing keeps her sane (most of the time) and allows her to enjoy some quiet time in the evening before she walks into a room of screaming kids (all of whom she loves dearly) the next morning.

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