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This small Utah town is the hidden gem you aren't going to want to miss it's a mere 45 minutes from the Salt Lake City Airport. Here are 3 unique things to do in Midway Utah.

3 Unique Things to Do In Midway, Utah

by Kyle Stewart

This small Utah town is the hidden gem you aren’t going to want to miss it’s a mere 45 minutes from the Salt Lake City Airport. Here are 3 unique things to do in Midway Utah.

Midway, Utah sits above Salt Lake City in the Wasatch Mountain range in the picturesque Heber Valley. This part of the Wasatch range is known as the Swiss Alps for Utah and the town of Midway boasts numerous quaint Swiss-themed buildings. Indeed, one fun activity to do in Midway is attending the annual Swiss Days celebration (see the video below to get a better sense of how much fun this event is).

This town was founded by Swiss immigrants who settled in the beautiful valley. It’s easy to see why they picked this location as the town features snow-capped peaks in the distance with lush greenery and plenty of water.

Fun & Unique Things to do in Midway Utah

While Park City is the place most people think of when visiting “Mountain Towns” outside of Salt Lake City (and to be clear, Park City is a great place to visit), folks looking for a more unique experience should consider Midway, Utah. Here are several more fun & unique things to do in Midway, UT.

Wasatch Mountain State Park

Utah, in general, is home to many great outdoor activities from horseback riding, to legendary hiking trails, fly fishing and much more. The Wasatch Mountain range itself was first introduced on a global stage when the United States hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Olympic Park is a 20-mile drive north from Midway for those who want to explore winter sports on a global scale. 

“The nearly 400-acre venue houses one of only four sliding tracks in North America, six Nordic ski jumps, a 2002 Winter Games museum, and a multitude of adventure activities.â€

Closer to Midway, Wasatch Mountain State Park features golf courses in the summer, and cross country skiing in the winter and many other activities. Put this park on your Midway bucket list.

things to do in midway Utah
Credit: Olympic Park Utah

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Ice Castles

Every year, during the winter months, awe-inspiring “Ice Castles†are constructed out of hundreds of icicles that naturally form with the changing of the seasons. They are enhanced by LED lighting and design by experts to create an extremely limited winter spectacle. 

a group of people standing in front of ice sculptures
Credit: Midway Utah Visitors

Scuba Diving in Craters

Utah isn’t the first place most scuba divers consider for their next trip, but perhaps they should. The Homestead Resort and Homestead Crater have some of the most comfortable scuba diving conditions in a very, very unique environment. Where else can you ski in the morning and scuba dive at night? Midway, that’s where!

“The Crater is a geothermal spring, hidden within a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock located on the Homestead property.â€

a man holding a surfboard and a surfboard looking out of a cave
Credit: Homestead Resort Scuba Diving

The Homestead resort hosts scuba divers who want to explore the warm waters (96°F/35°C) of the crater, created by thousands of years of snow melt water erosion combined with the heat of the thermal springs. 

In many ways, it’s similar to Mayan cenotes, but on a far grander scale. Scuba diving in the crater is warmer than the caribbean waters even at the height of summer making it incredibly comfortable even for first-time divers. 

The breathtaking surroundings are unique and the warm springs make it possible to scuba dive year-round even while it’s snowy and icy at the surface. 


Homestead resort

For those not yet brave enough to dive the crater, the resort offers a tunnel to reach the water with shallow areas for therapeutic soaks, light swimming and even paddleboard yoga. 

Sleigh Rides

Rocky Mountain Outfitters is home to one of the most unique attractions in the west. The fly fishing outpost is more than just a one-stop-shop for fishing gear. This Heber Valley legend offers travel guides, fly fishing tours, and yes, private sleigh rides. 

a group of people in a sleigh pulling horses through the snow
Credit: Rocky Mountain Outfitters

Capturing the magic of the season, couples, families, and fans of winter will cherish this picturesque opportunity to cascade through the snow, with Park City and Wasatch mountains as a background.

Through the winter groups up to 14 ($250) or couples ($100 per couple in a four-person sleigh) can live out their winter wonderland dreams through the snow in a horse-drawn sleigh. Their Soldier Hollow sleigh rides attract crowds every year, so if you’re considering a visit to the area, book in advance.

Other fun things to do in Midway City Utah

Midway, and the surrounding area, are loaded with opportunities for fun and adventure. Other popular things to do on a trip to Midway include:

  • Fishing – the blue-ribbon waters of the Wasatch range offer prime grade fly fishing opportunities. But, fishing off the bridge just outside of Midway is also a great way to snag a fat trout.
  • Tubing – during the winter months, tubing is a popular Wastach activity and Soldier Hollow is a great place to take the kids.
  • Hike (or bike) the Dutch Hollow Trail System in the Summer – this great trail is a must-see experience on bike and portions of it great for hikers too.

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