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10 Funny Things about San Diego Airport

10 Funny Things About San Diego Airport

by Jeremy B

The San Diego Airport (SAN) has the pleasure of being located in the best city in the world. Beaches, perfect weather, beautiful people, traffic, taxes, overcrowding (sorry, digressed a bit there). San Diego truly is one of the best cities in the world and it’s airport (especially after its recent partial remodel) is pretty swell too. Here are 10 Funny Things about the San Diego Airport.

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10 Funny Things About San Diego Airport

Let’s dive in…here the funniest things about good old SAN airport. Enjoy.

1. The New Terminal 2 (specifically the Delta portion of the terminal is nice. Really nice. But Terminal 1, where budget airline Southwest makes their home, is like a 3rd world country.

2. You practically fly between the skyscrapers when landing. The approach at San Diego Airport is directly adjacent to the city skyline which is a little odd in a post 9/11 world, but it’s the only way to land. At night, though, wow. B-E-A-utiful!

3. When getting to the airport, going South on the 163, which is a common approach, you actually have to go North again to get to Airport. It’s kind of a weird approach, but hey, big city freeway systems are kinda weird sometimes.

4. Their dog relief area has a fake fire hydrant.

5. Although it’s since been relocated, they used to have a small commuter terminal for smaller planes that wasn’t connected to the “main airport” – and if you accidentally booked a flight leaving out of there but didn’t realize it until you were at the main airport you had a hilarious mess on your hands trying to get there (a cab or an inconvenient shuttle) which definitely added some stress.

6. It’s next to the Marine Corps Boot camp (where I went through). Which, in and of itself, is not that funny, but when you are going through boot camp you see planes leaving every 14 seconds for months and months and you know wherever those people are going its BETTER than whatever you are doing. And in retrospect, that’s funny!

USMC Drill Instructor.jpg

7. It used to be called Lindbergh Field (and still is by some locals) but that name wasn’t “big enough” so they changed it to San Diego International Airport around 2003. Lindbergh being an homage to Charles Lindbergh who started his solo transatlantic flight from there. Apparently that wasn’t “big enough” for them anymore…

8. They only have one runway at SAN. Which, for an airport as busy as it is, is quite surprising. But, with no room around it to grow, they are kind of landlocked. Although…at times, folks have eyeballed the adjacent space currently occupied by the Marine Corps. Don’t even think about it…

9. The take off path flies planes directly over Point Loma which is a picturesque “beach front” town built on a peninsula. The residents get a little fussy about this, but who cares. They are rich…they can deal with it. And with those views…

In some cases, residents can qualify for a special government program to provide enhanced insulation to help ease airport noise. My suggestion? Don’t live next to an airport.

10. They make cool videos about working San Diego Airport. The video is actually pretty cool…but in a dorky kinda of way. I kept thinking this is something I should be watching in a high school econ class.

Final Thoughts (and laughs) about the SAN Airport

So there ya go…10 funny things about the airport located in a little slice of heaven on earth, San Diego.  And now, enjoy Will Ferrell and his view of San Dee-aahhh-go:

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Edmundo Osorio July 7, 2019 - 7:04 pm

Actually, Will Ferrels joke about San Diego being pronounced San Diago is technically correct. San Diego means St Diego which in Spanish is Santiago or SAN DIAGO.


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