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Ah, the summer. It’s a time of fun for college-aged students and younger, vacations for families, and ice cream. After your ice cream run, however, you still have to get some work done. Keep reading to find out 10 summer jobs to put some extra cash in your pocket.

10 Summer Side Hustles You Need To Try

by Jeremy B

Ah, the summer. It’s a time of fun for college-aged students and younger, vacations for families, and ice cream. After your ice cream run, however, you still have to get some work done. Keep reading to find out 10 summer jobs to put some extra cash in your pocket.

While adults out of college will almost always still work full-time in the summer, many students will have to look for ways to make money during the hottest months of the year. Many full-timers will also look towards extra side hustles during the summer due to a larger workforce being sought after by employers.

Many companies are looking for people willing to be a public face during pool hours or peak restaurant times, but there are so many more ways to make money on the side in the summer where you work alone without the need to be employed by a larger company. 

Here are 10 summer jobs to put some extra cash in your pocket when you may need it most.

10 Side Hustles You Need To Try This Summer

Where you live will dictate what opportunities are available to you. So, if you live around an affluent neighborhood, making some extra cash will come easier than if you lived in a rural area. After all, someone will need to pay you, and the fewer people there are who can do just that, the worse it will be for you!

1. Work as a Lifeguard

Working as a lifeguard during the summer will lead to some nice cash on the side for you, especially if you can get long hours. Salary.com says that seasonal guards can make up to $20 an hour, meaning you can make close to $200 during a long day of keeping lives safe. Look for jobs at the local beaches (if you live on a coast), community pools, or the YMCA. As long as you have the correct qualifications and are physically fit, you shouldn’t have a problem getting this gig!

2. Walk Dogs

Dog Walker - 10 Summer Side Hustles You Need To Try

If you are a dog lover, then walking dogs will be a fun activity for you to not only spend time with the little rascals but also make some money by doing an easy task. You will also be getting some exercise, too! Sites like Rover.com have provided easy ways for people to get a dog-walking gig, so make sure to sign up there. Depending on the length and requirements of the walk, you can make up to around $50 per day of walks, sometimes even more if you have a high-spending dog owner!

3. Tutor Students

If you have a level of smarts on a specific subject, then put your brain to good use for both someone else’s benefit and your pockets. Tutoring is flexible, meaning you won’t have to be available at times you don’t prefer to work. Many students of all ages, from elementary school to college, are looking for help in subjects like math, and they or their parents put their need for help on sites like Care.com or Facebook groups. You can make a solid amount of money this way!

4. House Sit

Summer is one of the biggest times of the year where employers need to hire new seasonal workers, but it doesn’t just apply to companies. Parents and other adults will need a lot of help with multiple things, such as house-sitting when they go on vacation. With the kids out of school and good weather, a week trip to the shore might mean some extra change in your pocket as long as you can keep their house in good shape.

5. Nanny or Babysit

Nanny - 10 Summer Side Hustles You Need To Try

Another area where parents specifically will need help with is watching their kids while they are at work. Before children are comfortable and old enough to be at home alone during summer work hours, they’ll need to be watched by a trusted nanny. Care.com is one of many sites that provide outlets for parents and nannies to match up, but where it will really help is if you know someone who can utilize your services. 

6. Mow Lawns

If you are physically fit and don’t mind working out in the sun, then perhaps mowing lawns is more in your nature. Many older people are looking for help with outdoor activities like mowing the lawn, and the summer is a great time to advertise your services in your locality. While this is not something you can rely on as much as other positions like being a nanny, it’s a way to make a lot of money if the lawn is large enough in one go.

7. Wait Tables

During the summer, restaurants become much more crowded in both touristy and non-touristy areas. If you live near summer travel destinations, however, getting a job as a waiter or waitress will add tons of cash to your pockets due to tons of overflowing crowds eager to get some tropical foods down their stomach. Tipping will be your favorite word afterward.

8. Rideshare or Delivery Driver

Uber - 10 Summer Side Hustles You Need To Try

You can become your own boss and make your own hours as long as you sign up for gig services like Uber or Lyft for rideshare apps or Grubhub, Instacart, Shipt, Postmates, and more for restaurant and grocery delivery services. This will give you a chance to earn up to $20 per hour while working for multiple different companies.

9. Mover

Why not help people move during a busy moving season? This time of the year is when most people change homes due to school, and you can make around $30 per hour working as a mover, too. Make sure you are busy working out, though, because this is quite the process!

10. Golf Caddy

Caddy - 10 Summer Side Hustles You Need To Try

Finally, with gold now back in session after the lifting of some lockdown orders around the country, it’s not a bad time to get involved as a golf caddy. You walk alongside players during their rounds of golf, driving the carts and holding their bags. If you give them some advice, you might get some extra cash, too. You can make over $100 per game!

Make the Most of Your Time this Summer

There’s never a bad time to start looking for extra money-making opportunities, especially f you need money now and are willing to put in the leg work to go for it. The summer provides the best chances to make it a reality. From being a babysitter and house-sitting to working as a golf caddy, the opportunities are endless. Why not make money with a combination of these chances, too?

At the end of the day, using these types of jobs as a way to supplement your normal income will make you feel more comfortable about “fun” purchases, and students will revel with extra summer spending or savings for the next school year. Make sure to go out there and find these opportunities!

About the Author: John Hawrylack

John is the co-founder of How To FIRE, a blog that discusses financial independence and early retirement. He has a BS in Computer Science and is graduating with a Masters in Software Engineering in June 2020. Along with his wife Sam, their goal is to help others discover their own version of FIRE through saving money, making money, and money management. Their blog has been featured in publications like Forbes, Debt.com, Yahoo Finance, GoBankingRates, MSN Money, and more. Get in touch with John on Twitter @HowToFIRE.

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