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5 Amazing New Orleans places to take clients for cocktails and food

5 Amazing New Orleans places to take clients for cocktails and food (Guest Post)

by Jeremy B

Mention “New Orleans” and readers probably immediately call to mind images of Bourbon Street, people walking around with larger than life cocktails served in fish bowls and crazy bead-tossing Mardi Gras celebrations.  But the city of New Orleans is also a mecca in the United States for foodies and cocktail lovers and is full of great places to take clients or customers. Here are the 5 New Orleans places to take clients for cocktails and food.

Note: This is a guest post from fellow travel blogger Kristin of the Sippin Gypsy. The Sippin Gypsy as a catalog of Kristin’s travels, finding a blend of culture, history, cocktails and cuisine in her posts. You can find more Sippin Gypsy adventures and cocktail recipes inspired by travels at www.sippingypsy.com and on Facebook at @SippinGypsy and Instagram @thesippingypsy.

New Orleans – 5 Amazing Places to take clients for food and drink!

I have to admit, I was somewhat hesitant to visit New Orleans the first time.  While I love a great cocktail, my perceptions of the city were manipulated by unfortunate stereo types of beads flinging and cheap pre-made sugary “cocktails’ designed to get you drunk fast (and ensure a lingering headache the next day!).  I was so glad to be proven wrong about New Orleans.

NOLA Bourbon St

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Each time I visit The Big Easy, I try to venture into new areas and on a more recent visit to New Orleans, I explored the area called The Central Business District, or CBD by the locals.  I was amazed at the number of conventions and business summits hosted here!  In one weekend I met individuals in town for business with backgrounds ranging from Architecture, Medical, Education and Transportation.

‘The city is a great central location between the two coasts that I can bring my teams together for additional training” a new friend told me while we sipped cocktails and enjoyed late night oysters at Seaworthy.  “I’ve been bringing my teams here for 5 years.  I always suggest somewhere new and they wall want to keep coming back to New Orleans.”

If your business travel bring you to New Orleans, here are 5 of the best places for a business dinner or cocktails guaranteed to impress your clients.

A short drive from The French Quarter and neighboring Central Business District is a little white church with a heavenly menu and divine cocktail list.  Dark wood walls and a stunning stain glass window add to the cozy and inviting ambiance.


Vessel regularly updates the menu as they offer locally sourced seasonal foods.  Clients will certainly be impressed with the quality and detail that Vessel upholds, as well as your ability to find one of those ‘hidden spots’ that seemingly only the locals get to enjoy.

Get your business day started early and with an amazing breakfast and creative cocktails.  Willa Jean offers fresh baked breads and some of the most flavor packed breakfasts I have ever enjoyed.

Nola Willa Jean Breakfast.JPG

The ambiance is rustic and comfortable.  Willa Jean is situated in the Central Business District so she is an easy walk or short drive from most of the hotels downtown and along Canal Street.

Nola Willa Jean Cocktail.JPG

Your clients are certain to be impressed with your choice of quality not only in food offerings, but also in atmosphere.

A late-night menu that includes oysters, blue crab and ceviche as well as some of the most creative cocktails I’ve enjoyed in New Orleans, Seaworthy is the place to take your clients or prized team members for a celebration toast or ‘seal the deal’ night cap.

NOLA Seaworthy CocktailNOLA Seaworthy cuisine

The ambiance is intimate and comfortable.  Seaworthy is also nestled in the heart of the Central Business District.  Your clients will certainly be charmed by your choice in Seaworthy to offer them a most impressive cocktail program and far from average late-night food menu.

If your business meetings or business celebration dinners include everyone in a suit, predictable entrees and a boring setting, Bacchanal is not for you or your team.  However, if choosing from 100s of bottles of wine, seasonal and locally sourced prepared meals, live jazz music and a backyard with lawn chairs and picnic tables to gather around sounds ideal to you…Bacchanal is for you!

This hidden gem is set a short drive from downtown New Orleans in the 9th Ward neighborhood.  Your clients will experience hesitation and confusion as to where you are taking them to utter surprise when they step into the ‘house on the corner’ and into a wine shop that impresses even the pickiest wine snobs.

Then you walk them into the backyard.  Live jazz music and an eclectic collection of chairs and tables scattered around the grassy lawn.  There is a window along the back wall of the house where you order your meal, then you sit back and enjoy.

Your clients will be impressed with your out of the box way of conducting business dinners and truly delighted to work with someone so ‘down to earth and real.’

No visit to New Orleans would be complete without a visit to the Garden District and the ever-evolving Magazine Street.    The Vintage is a great treasure along Magazine Street with tasteful nods to a time gone by where people gathered to fellowship over good coffee or a bottle of bubbly.

NOLA Vintage Cocktail.jpg

The menu is simple but delicious.  A must do at The Vintage is the beignets (which due to popular demand are offered all day).

For a business meeting I suggest The Vintage for a breakfast, but for a great way to meet up before exploring more of Magazine Street, or heading to dinner in The Garden District, The Vintage is the best place to share a celebratory toast and start your evening out.

NOLA The Vintage cuisine.JPG

Your clients will once again be pleased to try something unique and impressed with your ability to find those great spots that locals love with tasty offerings in a swanky environment.

Final thoughts on places to take clients in New Orleans

New Orleans is undoubtedly full of incredible places to eat and drink throughout the city, but these spots are 5 of the best to impress your future clients and celebrate your team.  New Orleans also offers a lot to see and do, for additional tips of fun things to do while visiting New Orleans check out these suggestions.

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