The World’s Most Expensive Travel Water Bottle (also WTF are people spending their money on)

While researching an article I accidentally came across what we think has most certainly got to be the world’s most expensive travel water bottle. And I was floored. Mouth fully agape. Then a little mad. Who the <insert curse word> has the money to throw at something like this….seriously. WTF.

So we had to write about it (briefly).

Note: the links below are affiliate links which means if you happen to purchase the worlds most expensive water bottle (and we don’t recommend it) or anything else…I get a small commission (or giant one if you are dumb enough to spend this kind of money.  Just getting that out of the way

Hey, I get it. Some people have a crap ton of money and they need to spend it. There are entire brands built around this. I have no problem with that. But sometimes you run into something that goes a bit too far.

Sometimes it’s just stupid. Or maybe just a mistake. Maybe special pricing just for earth day and all…

But, whatever it is…you’ve got to see it for yourself.

However, per the terms of my affiliate agreement with Amazon I can’t actually show you the price here…you have to go see it for yourself which feels a little click-baity to me…sorry about that.

And on the off chance it’s a pricing mistake…I took a picture of it…you know, for the record and all.

To give you some sense of scale here, though, a typical water bottle should cost around $10-$30 or so. Give or take.

A nice plane ticket to Europe, on the other hand, my cost you $1200 or so.

The price of the world most expensive travel water bottle is closer to the price of airfare…yeah, you read that right. 

Most Expensive Water Bottle in the World (scratch that, the Universe)

I’ve kept you waiting long enough….so here it is. The world’s most expensive travel water bottle and the one you will most certainly NOT be adding to your collection.

Sandberd Sports Water Bottle 3.jpg

Sanberd Sports Water Bottle With Leak Proof Flip Top Lid – Eco Friendly & Non Toxic BPA Free Tritan Plastic 19OZ 560ML. Note: It also solves world hunger. Note: it does not actually solve world hunger. Note: it should solve world hunger for the price. Photo Credit: Sanberd

Click to See The Price of the Most Expensive Travel Water Bottle

Yep, the Sanberd Sports Water Bottle With Leak Proof Flip Top Lid checks in as the most expensive travel water bottle we’ve ever seen.

It’s eco friendly…so maybe that’s where the extra cost comes into play…

PS…I am hoping this is simply a pricing mistake on Amazon’s website. Some sort of algorithmic goof up….

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      1. Debit

        You should notify amazon customer service specifically saying if this is not an error then likely money laundering. Mafia used to do that for works of art. Why else crap sells for so much. easy way for people to move undeclared cash around. Wrap it up in the gains of something that has subjective value. Rich people and their political party and their sheeple followers all suck.

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