Surviving a Hurricane in your Hotel, Heroic Flight Attendants, Travel Gifts, Self Care and more!

Surviving a Hurricane in your Hotel, Heroic Flight Attendants, Travel Gifts, Self Care and more! (Best Travel Articles of the Week)

A slightly more somber and reflective tone this week (for the most part anyway) in our best travel articles of the week. As our long time readers know each week we try to feature the top travel themed articles of the week. Often our collection of articles emphasizes some of the weirder or more unique articles, but with all that’s happening in the world this week we’ve stayed a bit more traditional.

The Best Travel Articles of the Week

This week’s list includes tips on how to survive a hurricane in your hotel room, heroic flight attendants, self care + travel, and some other travel related topics like drones and travel gifts that we think you will find interesting. Here you go:

  1. [Our Fav of the Week] How to survive a hurricane from a hotel room
  2. The Pan Am Flight Attendant Who Gave Her Life Saving Passengers on a Hijacked Flight 33 Years Ago
  3. 53 Best Gifts for Business Travelers in the 2019 Gift Guide for Travelers
  5. Southwest May Not Love Newark, But Frontier Sure Does [I especially love the street fighter image in the intro paragraph of this article…hilarious!]
  6. Self-Care Through Travel
  7. The Executive Who Brought Us Bonvoy is Out at Marriott
  8. Airlines Reportedly Consider Weighing Passengers to Conserve Fuel
  9. Alaska Airlines Drone Policy – just the facts please
  10. Is Buying a Second Seat on the Plane Ever Worth It?

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