Travel gifts for men that we will actually want

What to get a man who travels a lot – 10 Travel Gifts for Men he will actually like

Are you married to a frequent traveler? Do you, like so many others, struggle to find the perfect gift for the man who travels a lot? You are not alone. We’ve assembled a list of travel gifts for men designed to help you solve that problem.

Unlike most gift guides for men who travel which are chock full of stupid gift ideas that actual men who travel would NOT want (who the F%$* wants a ???) our gift guide for traveling men is full of stuff men actually might want.

Best Travel Gifts for Men

Best Travel Gifts for Men

In this gift guide for men who travel we answer the following questions:

  • What to get a man who travels a lot?
  • What do men who travel actually want?
  • How to buy a gift for the man who travels for work?
  • What do you give a man who travels?

Not to worry – we’ve got you covered because we answer these questions (and more) in our gift guide for men who travel.

Allow me a quick rant and some context…because wtf

Before we go too far into the travel gifts for men, I just have to rant a bit. Please indulge me. As I was researching this article I was quite surprised at how many terrible gift guides for men others have put together. I mean it was quite shocking, really.

I mean, it’s cool, but I don’t want it as a gift…

Almost as if the people writing the guide had never actually asked a man what they might want. For example, I found one gift guide for male travelers that suggested these items:

  • A Scratch Off World Poster. Cool idea…but wtf. No man who travels for work really wants this. I mean sure, it’s cool, but come on.
  • Microfiber towel. No man brings a towel with him a trip. Maybe on a vacation (maybe…) but never on a business trip.
  • DNA Testing. Huh? Wtf… what does this gift have to do with men who travel? Maybe to test the kids that ain’t yours because you travel so much and you’ve got some questions for your wife!?!
  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. Listen, these are cool. I mean, really cool. But how the heck does a man who travels for work need one of these? Maybe if he’s into camping I guess.

I could go on, but clearly there are not a lot of people who actually know what men who travel for work really want for gifts.

Note: it’s worth noting, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t, that every single gift on this list ALSO works for female travelers who share a lot of the same needs. There’s a few additional things they might want which we’ve covered here

Buying Gifts for Men who Travel – what we really want

As someone who literally travels every week for work I can offer some unique perspective here. The man who frequently travels work has a very unique lifestyle. One that may appear glamorous but that also has a dark side.

It involves lots of waiting / boredom, following by exhaustion, mixed with opportunities to see the world (on someone else’s dime!), nice hotel beds (and some not so nice ones), lots of unhealthy food and more.

Buying Gifts for Men who Travel

Men who travel are gone a lot. And often. And we have a particular ethos, if you will that informs our business travel. When buying gifts for men who travel you need to understand this ethos:

  1. We want to go fast
  2. We want to go light
  3. We want to get back home
  4. When we can’t get back home, we want to stay connected to home
  5. We are often bored on the plane and need something to do to pass time
  6. We love efficiency
  7. We are often alone
  8. We are always charging
  9. We like quality and durability

With this ethos, if you will, in mind, please read the next section and you will see its full of gifts for men who travel that align with this ethos. If you can understand the proper context that your traveling man is coming from it will help you find the right travel gift for him.

What to get a man who travels a lot?

We’ve summarized our list of gifts for men who travel for easier consumption. Happy shopping.

  1. Replace his iPad or buy him a Kindle
  2. Bose Headphones
  3. Electronics Cord Organizer
  4. Anker Portable Power Charger
  5. Renew his Priority Pass Lounge Subscription and save 10%
  6. TravelPro Crew 11 21″ Suitcase
  7. International Power Adapter
  8. Travel Power Strip / Surge Protector
  9. Luxury Toiletry Bag
  10. New Business Travel Backpack

You may have noticed that each of these gifts aligns with the aforementioned travel ethos we shared in the previous section. Let’s dig into the details of each gift and see why.

Gifts for Men who Travel

In this section we provide a little more detail on each of our suggested gifts for men who travel by helping our readers understand why each gift is something a frequent business travel might actually want.

Replace his iPad or buy him a Kindle

Boredom. Waiting. Sitting.

These words describe one of the major downsides to regular business travel. There is SO much waiting. Waiting for the plane to take off. Waiting for it to land. And so forth.

The frequent business traveler is going to be waiting a lot. And bored.

This is why one of the best travel a gifts for men is something he can use to download and watch shows (like an iPad) or to catch up on his reading (like a Kindle). On the plus side he can use it to facetime with you and the kids when he’s gone.

The Apple iPad


The Kindle Paperwhite


Bose Headphones

In addition to a great iPad to watch your content on the traveling man needs good headphones. Serious travelers will invest in high quality headphones – preferably noise canceling, but they know the value of good headphones. If your man doesn’t have a set, buy him some nice ones and I guarantee he will be tickled pink.


Electronics Cord Organizer

Cord spaghetti. With all of the charging cables and cords and plugs and so on it is going to be absolute madness in your man’s luggage. That is, unless you get him a cord organizer. With this baby, your man can keep his cords in neat order which reduces travel frustration. This is a pretty affordable gift for men who travel so give this idea some real thought if you are on a budget.


Anker Portable Power Charger

Always be charging. It’s a serious rule that all frequent travelers adhere to. You never know when you can find an airport plug or when your phone is gonna run out of battery so you are always charging. A portable power bank is a must-have travel gadget for every serious business traveler.

If your man doesn’t have one, get him one a gift. He will love it.


Renew his Priority Pass Lounge Subscription and save 10%

The frequent business traveler wants to relax from time to time and if he spends long periods of time at airports a Priority Pass Lounge Subscription could be a godsend for him. Give it some thought…might just knock his socks off.

TravelPro Crew 11 21″ Suitcase

All serious business travelers know how important it is to pack properly. We travel light and we never check our bag. Ever.

We also understand the value of quality luggage and we are not afraid to invest in good stuff. If you traveling man’s luggage is a bit old, or maybe he’s just starting his travel career, go buy him a TravelPro Crew 11 21″ Carry-on and you will thank me later when you see his face.


International Power Adapter

If your man does any sort of international travel for work he’s going to need a travel adapter, something that can convert the local power into something his power cords can plug into. This is a great little stocking stuffer for the man who travels.


Travel Power Strip / Surge Protector

Another great stocking stuffer for the man who travels is a travel power strip / surge protector. All good travelers keep some sort of travel extension cord in their bag. In case their crappy Hampton Inn doesn’t have enough plugs, or in case they need to plug in their laptop at the customer site.


Luxury Toiletry Bag

The frequent traveler is buying his or her toiletries in bulk and saving money, but they are not afraid to spend a little coin on a nice toiletry bag. If you want to delight your man with a great gift, spend a little money on a nice leather toiletry bag for travel.


New Business Travel Backpack

Rounding out our list of travel gifts for men is the travel backpack. Used to be that men used briefcases, but many men (especially men who travel) have converted to a backpack. It’s easier to use, far more practical and suited for the travel lifestyle. One of the best travel gifts for men is the simplest: a good backpack.


A few luxury travel gifts for him

Here’s a few additional travel gifts for him that might be a little more unique or out of the box. Not every man who travels will want these, but if you know your man you will be able to tell if it’s something he might like.

Practical Gifts for Men Who Travel

Here’s a few practical gifts for men who travel.

  • Braun Electric Razor (Check Price)
  • Tie Clasps Set (Check Price)
  • Etekcity Luggage Scale (Check Price)
  • Wizgear AC Mount for Cell Phone (Check Price) – we love this stocking stuffer for men who travel because it is actually a very useful accessory for business travelers who need to mount their cell phone / map in their rental car.
  • Tufftage Luggage Tags (Check Price)

Be sure to check out all of our gift guides for travelers

It must be the holiday season because we’ve got lots of fun gift guides for travelers. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Happy shopping, fellow traveler.

Final Thoughts on Travel Gifts for Men

Ok, reader, looks like you got your work cut out for you. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start knocking down that gift list.

Hopefully, this list of practical travel gifts for men was helpful in understanding what we want and what might actually be something we’d like. And yes, while these are gifts for the traveling businessman many are great for female travelers too. Consider checking out our gift guide for women travelers here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc, etc. I hope you find what you are looking for and your man is blown away.

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