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Find the best travel gifts for her with our newly updated gift guide for women who love to travel. Do you have a traveling gal in your life, but you just can't find the perfect travel gift for her? Or maybe it's you and you just need to drop some major hint-hint-hints to your significant other this holiday season. We've got every angle covered.

The Best Travel Gifts for Her – A Gift Guide for Women Who Love to Travel

by Jeremy B

Find the best travel gifts for her with our newly updated gift guide for women who love to travel. Do you have a traveling gal in your life, but you just can’t find the perfect travel gift for her? Or maybe it’s you and you just need to drop some major hint-hint-hints to your significant other this holiday season. We’ve got every angle covered. Find the top travel gift ideas for women in 2021 here.

Best Travel Gifts for Her

travel gifts she'll actually want - best travel gifts for her

After poring over the vast array of gift ideas we’ve assembled a great list of travel gifts for her that is sure to pique your interest. If you can’t find something here for the traveling lady in your life, well, I don’t know what to tell ya…..

For easier consumption, we’ve divided this list of Great Travel Gifts for Women into the following categories:

  • Luggage Gifts for Her
  • Travel Gear & Gadgets Gifts for Her
  • Healthy Travel Gifts for Her
  • Travel Clothing Gifts for Her

Many (although not all) of these travel gifts for her are on Amazon which makes for easier and safe shopping. Heck, they can even gift wrap it for you. So, sit back, get your credit card out, and find the absolute best travel gifts for her. Happy Shopping folks.

Great Travel Gifts for Her: Luggage

The travelin’ gal needs great gear! Here’s a list of the Best Travel Gifts for Her with a focus on luggage. This is especially true if your gal travels for work and is putting serious miles on her bags each week.

TravelPro MaxLite 4 Hardside

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TravelPro is the preeminent standard for luggage. Delight your special gal with an amazing (and attractive) piece of quality luggage like the TravelPro Max Lite 4 Hardside.

TravelPro Crew 11 21″ Luggage

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Speaking of great luggage, the TravelPro Crew 11 21″ is one of the best travel gifts you can buy. Top of the line stuff here! Check out our product review.

Venture Pal Hiking Backpack

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The Venture Pal hiking backpack is a lightweight, functional and stylish backpack that works great for hiking, but also for air travel. It’s roomy, but not too bulky size, is the perfect companion for efficient travel.

Patu Travel Makeup & Cosmetic Bag

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A travel cosmetic bag by Patu is the perfect accessory for the women who travels. This affordable and stylish bag makes a great gift!

Bagsmart Jewelry Organizer

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This is a piece of luggage we didn’t even know existed yet it’s so incredibly practical (and colorful we might add). Use the Bagsmart Jewelry organizer to help your traveling lady keep her bling organized.

Stylish Laptop Purse Combos

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We’ve included two options for Laptop Purse Combo bags above, but there are a lot of fascinating options when it comes to stylish and functional bags for women travelers. Gift her the gift of stylish function withe one of these beauties.

Funky & Fun Luggage Tags

Luggage tags make for great stocking stuffers and there are a variety of creative options. Here’s a few ideas, or you can check out our best luggage tags collection here.

Travelambo tags

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Other Luggage Tag Options:

Travel Gadgets and Electronics

The right travel gear and electronics can make a good trip great. Whether it’s having extra battery power handy with a portable power bank or just being able to watch that movie on non-sucky headphones, we strongly recommend getting tech gear for your traveling lady.

Here’s a few great options:

Anker PowerCore 20100 Portable Charger

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The Anker PowerCore 20100 is a great travel gift for her that she will love. Help her stay charged on the road! Read our Anker PowerCore 20100 Product Review here.

NEWVANGA International Universal Travel Adapter

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The NEWVANGA International Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter is the perfect stocking stuffer for her. Now, on her next international business trip she will have the perfect travel gadget to connect to most major power sources worldwide.

Airpods – a perfect travel gift for her

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As we mention in our 147 Business Travel Tips, it’s critical to have good headphones when traveling. That means spending some coin. And chances are you can’t go wrong when you buy Apple Air Pods for the traveling lady in your life.

A new iPad

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You might as well spring for the new iPad too, buddy. This is the Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256GB) – a badass travel gadget and the best travel gift her on the list (in our humble opinion anyway).

Wizgear AC Phone Mount (perfect for the rental car)

Wizgear Phone Mount

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This is an affordable and practical travel gift and a pretty creative one at that. The WizGear Phone Mount is perfect for use in the rental car on her next trip. Help her stay hands free with this simple, but creative travel gift for her! You can read our product review for the Wizgear Phone Mount here. Maybe throw it in the old stocking on Christmas morning.

Healthy Travel Gifts for Her

The traveling woman wants to stay healthy which can be darned hard to do sometimes. From eating out to jet lag or exhaustion it can be a challenge to stay healthy while traveling. Why not give your traveling lady a healthy travel gift she’ll be sure to love?

Just skip the gym membership gift though…just saying. Unless you want to die.

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Staying hydrated while traveling is a key part of healthy travel. The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is the perfect companion for regular or leisure traveling. Easily stow it in your luggage while going through security, then once on the other side, fill it up at one of the many convenient water filling stations airports now have!

Sleeper Scarf 2-in-1 Travel Scarf and Inflatable Neck Pillow

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Fashion. Function. Form. The Travel Scarf/Neck Pillow has it all. This creative gift can help your special someone look great while traveling but is also super functional.

Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat

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The Gaiam Yoga Mat Foldable Travel Exercise & Fitness Mat is a great travel gift for the gal who wants to stay fit on the road. Now she can do her downward dog from the comfort of her hotel room.

Microbead Travel Pillow – Made By Design

Travel Gifts for Women - Neck Pillow

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This Made By Design Travel Pillow is comfortable and affordable and might make a great gift for the girl who loves to travel and isn’t afraid of a takeoff nap from time to time.

Compression Socks

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These fun compression socks are great stocking stuffers for travelers. She’s guaranteed to love ’em! Funky, healthy, and fashionable. A perfect travel gift for her.

Trtl Travel Pillow

Check out our review of the Trtl Pillow Plus here, but this creative travel pillow works great for air, train or road trips.

See Price Here

Travel Umbrella – one of the more practical travel gifts for women

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A travel umbrella is a little on the practical side so be careful here and know your audience. Perhaps it’s better as a stocking stuffer or gift #15 where several other less practical gifts are given first. Here is the Fidus 8-rib mini travel umbrella.

Best Travel Gifts for Women – Clothing

Every gal wants to look good and be comfortable while they travel. Here are some great travel gifts ideas for the gal in your life in the clothing category. From tunics, to kimonos to plus size travel pants, there are some great clothes for the travel gal in your life.

INC Draped Cardigan

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This INC Draped Cardigan is a great sweater to bring on the next trip. Stylish and functional it looks good and keeps your warm.

Levaca Casual Tunic

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The Levaca Long Sleeve Casual Tunic is a nice travel accessory – and very popular with female travelers.

Bra & Lingerie Travel Case

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The Bra & Lingerie Travel Case is a sexy, but still practical travel gift for her. Blow her mind with this one!

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

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The Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress is one of the most popular travel dresses for women.

Travel Kimono

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A 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan / Kimono is a nice layering piece that your gal will love. A perfect travel gift for her!

Travel – yeah, you could just buy her a trip…just saying

Here’s some great ideas to buy your special gal some travel. Yep, good old travel. You can’t go wrong with a trip to London or Paris or a 3 night stay in a fancy Hilton in NYC. Consider these options including some gift card selections.

Hilton Hotels

If you are feeling super practical…

You could buy her a Clear Membership or TSA Precheck or a Priority Pass Membership to Lounges…that’s a travel gift she will love.

Priority Pass Membership

Travel Through the Airport Faster

Of course you could also go with:

That’s the end of the list of the Best Travel Gifts for Her!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the Best Travel Gifts for her! It can be darned hard to find the right gifts for your special lady. Hopefully, however, with this gift guide for women who love travel you can make that next gift you buy special.

We hope you blow her mind with the best travel gift you can find for her.

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These gifts are perfect for Christmas. Perfect for your traveler friends and members of the family.


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