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Stow your bags, get out of the aisle and take your seat already! Travel Tip Tuesday

Travel Tip Tuesday #25: Stow your bags, get out of the aisle and take your seat already!

by Jeremy B

Today’s Travel Tip Tuesday is more for the novice traveler than the seasoned pro (who already employs this behavior). No, for the novice traveler (be it business or pleasure traveler) the goal is speed and efficiency…we (the collective rest of the folks boarding the plane, the flight attendants, gate agents, pilots, Trump, Pelosi, all of us…want you to board a little quicker. Our travel tip of the week is really about awareness and being intentional.

It’s all about air travel this month! For the month of July we are bringing you air travel and airplane related travel tips and hacks. Be sure to tune back in each Tuesday for the next tip. And, you can read all of the preceding Travel Tip Tuesday’s here. 

Travel Tip Tuesday Tip #25 – Air Travel Tip TBD

The boarding process isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do in the world. Let’s cram 200 people in an aluminum can that is barely wide enough to roll a bag down. Sometimes the plane is hot, sometimes it cold. But, we all want to get going and so that’s why today’s travel tip is about awareness and being intentional.

First…be aware of your surroundings. Be aware there are people around you. People behind you…people waiting to board.

Second, be intentional. Have your crap together…and ready to stow when you get to your seat. Don’t lolly gag and take your time. Don’t have a bag that’s overstuffed that won’t fit. Learn the rules, get the right bag (like a TravelPro Crew 11) and pack it correctly. Don’t suddenly remember you need to grab you headphones out of the deepest recesses of your backpack. Have them already out! Have your jacket already off, maybe.Be intentional!

The point is be ready. Be aware. Be intentional. This mindset will go a long ways! And on behalf of your fellow travelers…we thank you. 


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Travel Tip Tuesday # 25 - Stow your bags, get out of the aisle and take your seat already!

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