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baiji bottle review - collapsible travel water bottle review

Baiji Bottle Review – A Popular Collapsible Travel Water Bottle

by Jeremy B

Water bottles are all the rage for travelers these days and collapsible water bottles, in particular, are in high demand. The desire to travel lightly and efficiently has no doubt helped support the popularity of collapsible water bottles and the Baiji Water Bottle is one of the top brands on the market. In this Baiji Bottle Review we deep-dive into the ins and outs of this water bottle, highlighting it’s pros & cons and sharing our personal experience with the travel water bottle.

Note: We were NOT compensated in any way for this review. We purchased the Baiji Collapsible Water Bottle on our own accord and conducted this unbiased review. 

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Baiji Water Bottle – Check the Price

Sit back, grab some ice water, and enjoy another detailed product review from us here at the CBoardingGroup.com.

Baiji Bottle Review – an overview & tech specs

In this section of our Baiji Bottle Review we introduce some of key specifications of this popular travel water bottle as well share the inspiration for the name “Baiji” and describe what comes in the box when you purchase a Baiji Water Bottle.

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Baiji Water Bottle – Check the Price

What does Baiji Mean?

Baiji is a species of dolphin now functionally extinct and as an homage to them, this product is such named. They note the following:

“Our bottles are named to commemorate the baiji dolphin which was declared “functionally extinct” in 2007. While the baiji is gone, there are many dolphin species in need of help. So we have committed to donate 10% of all baiji bottle profits to dolphin rescue and protection programs.”

Baiji Water Bottle Specifications

The Baiji Bottle has the following specs:

  • Measurements: 2.8 x 2.8 x 9.2 in
  • Weight: 6.4 oz
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone  (Stain, Odor & Taste Resistant)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Colors: Blue and Red (although the red is not far away from pink. In fact, our bottle looks 100% pink…).

What’s in the box?

As far as we can tell the only way to purchase the Baiji Bottle is in a pair. When you purchase a Baiji Bottle set you get the following:

  • Two Baiji Water Bottles (One blue and one red, although as noted earlier, the red one is really just pink)
  • Plastic Carabiner to clip the bottle to a backpack or purse, etc.
  • Retainer strap to hold the bottle in a rolled position

Our Review of the Baiji Bottle

I took the Baiji Water Bottle on a recent business trip to Nashville. During this trip I traversed several flights & connections as well as a lengthy hotel stay. I was able to thoroughly test the Baiji Bottle which has resulted in this review.

Size & Functionality

In this Baiji Bottle Review we start first with the basic size and functionality. Does it hold water? How are the collapsible aspects, etc.

  • Size: my first observation was that the bottle was a little smaller than I expected. The bottle is only a tad over 9 inches tall – which was a little smaller than I really anticipated. We have several traditional water bottles around the house – and all are 10-12″ in height. This one immediately felt a little small. That said, it actually turned out to be the right size for compact travel.
  • Functionality: After performing an initial cleaning, the water bottle easily inflates with air after popping the cap – popping back into its traditional shape. My initial observations where that it was a bit flimsy. Bear in mind, it IS collapsible silicon and so flimsy is to be expected. The analogy that may best capture my opinion would be a bowl of jello…sans the bowl. It’s a bit “jiggly.” You need to hold the bottle near the top or middle or you will likely squish the water out of the bottle if you are not careful. 
  • Quality: Flimsiness aside, the food-grade silicon the Baiji appears to be high quality. It’s highly flexible and doesn’t appear to be something you could easily tear or rip. Moreover, the lid (screw on) and cap (pop top) were fairly well made, IMO.

Typical Concerns Folks Have (Our Experience)

Some common concerns folks often have when buying a water bottle – particularly a collapsible water bottle are addressed below:

  • Do you taste silicone? A common concern folks have when buying a water bottle – an specifically a collapsible water bottle – is taste. Will you taste plastic when using? Since the Baiji bottle is made of food-grade silicone it’s certainly a possibility. While some reviewers note the occasional plastic-y taste, we did not experience any such taste. The water we drank was pure and unadulterated. No plastic flavor here.
  • Does it leak? Another common concern is does the silly think leak? With a collapsible water bottle this is a bigger concern given the gyrations that a bottle will go through (thus increasing the propensity for damage – in theory). During our review of the Bajii bottle we experienced no leaks. Even after multiple fills, empty’s, rolls and unrolls of the bottle. Although, because it’s a little flimsy you do have to be careful how you hold it when drinking or filling or you can (rightfully so) squeeze the water back out of it.

Some observations

  • Plastic Caribiner – likely going to break, IMO. To be fair, it did NOT break on me, but it didn’t feel very well made.
  • I don’t like typing the word Baiji…good lord! Is it Bajii? or Baiij? LOL…sorry…it annoyed me.
  • I personally would prefer a less flimsy (and more rigid) water bottle. This is not to say the Baiji is not performing exactly as advertised – it is, for sure, but upon reflection, I’d prefer something a bit sturdier.
  • Water first…then food. I made the mistake of grabbing my tacos at the PHX airport, THEN trying to fill up my water bottle. Because it’s a little wiggly it meant I had to set some of my stuff down to make sure I dialed in the filling process without getting myself wet. Next meal I did water first…then food and it worked fine.

Should I buy the Baiji Water Bottle?

Listen…this is not the biggest transaction you are going to make, but it’s also not exactly a $1.99 purchase either (check price here). While the Baiji bottle is not for me, personally, I can see how it can be an effective tool for travelers. It easily compacts, holds water admirably, did not smell or taste odd and most importantly…it does what it’s supposed to.

After conducting our Baiji Bottle Review we suggest this product is a “Careful Buy.” After you get it…test one and return it if you don’t like it. I am keeping mine…and giving it to my wife and oldest daughter.

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Other Collapsible Water Bottle Options

For travelers looking for some additional travel water bottle options, please consider these choices from Amazon, including the ever popular Nomader BPA.

Conclusion - Baiji Bottle Review

We hope you enjoyed this review of the Baiji Water Bottle. As noted above, it’s a “careful buy” from us and has some pros and cons depending on what you want out of a collapsible water bottle.

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Baiji water bottle review - collapsible travel water bottle review

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