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It had to be done. From MAGA freakouts to more lockdowns to a new president and everything in between 2021 has already had its fill of nuttiness. The proper way, of course, to commemorate the insanity is with memes. Here are your updated travel memes for 2021.

The Travel Memes you need to survive 2021

by Jeremy B

It had to be done. From MAGA freakouts to more lockdowns to a new president and everything in between 2021 has already had its fill of nuttiness. The proper way, of course, to commemorate the insanity is with memes. Here are your updated travel memes for 2021.

Here are the CBoardingGroup, we’ve survived on an almost deadly combination of coffee and memes. Every few months we share a few more memes for our faithful audience and it’s that time again.

While we are only a few weeks into 2021 and we’ve already had some insane stuff happen. From an insurrection to freakouts upon freakouts, to a bungled vaccine rollout, to people buying American Airlines stocks because reddit thinks we should, to more lockdowns and more Zoom meetings <sigh>. Yeah, it’s a crazy time. And, tbh, it’s not looking like its going to get any better. So…it’s meme time.

Please join us in celebrating the near total madness of life in 2021 with these new travel memes.

PS…don’t get your shorts in a bunch…read these with a healthy dose of sarcastic dark humor.

Travel Freakouts are on the rise

We start first with travel freakouts. Thanks to the perfect combination of a people who’ve reached their limit on being locked down and who are apparently incredibly gullible, travel freakouts are on the rise. So much so, by the way, we’ve created an entire subreddit dedicated to this…and so far so good (sadly..).

travel freakouts are on the rise

Color me shocked when the screaming MAGA “Karen” gets arrested and removed from my flight. I was not expecting that.

Maga gets removed from airplane meme
Airport Freakout Meme

Our poor flight attendants have one of the worst jobs in the world right now. Let’s review: pandemic? Check. Fear of losing your job or being furloughed? Check. Have to wear a mask all day? Check. Dealing with the rise of passengers freaking out? Check and check.

I don’t know about you, but I kinda feel like they’ve hit their limit which is why we love the meme below. Let the unfortunates begin son.

Btw…this meme template is from the sleeper dark comedy Wayne. You should watch it.

Maga freakouts travel meme

Listen, vote for who you want to vote for. I get it. You liked Trump and you voted for him. Or maybe you didn’t like Biden, so you voted against him. I get that. I kinda think you were a little goofy for picking Trump considering the body of work the last four years, but hey, do what you want. That’s fine. I still like ya.

But…then some of y’all got a little silly thinking it was fraudulent. And some of you went off the deep end and decided raiding the capitol was the right move? Yeah, you are a clown (and a criminal). Sorry, not sorry.

Then, some of you decided to freak the f out on your flight home. Nice. Real nice. At this point, all we can do is laugh about it. To be clear, though, we are laughing at you.

Clown Meme - travel meme

For those of who are traveling…and complying. Wearing a mask. Being polite. Not freaking out. Thank you. We salute you.

travel freakout meme - didnt lose my mind

More lockdowns? 2021 is looking a tad like 2020…

We were told 2021 was going to be different. Just kidding. It’s basically the same…so far…with just more freakouts. But, what did we expect. It’s not like the virus just went away because we said happy New Year. That said, we got some more lockdowns because people can’t wear their mask.

More Lockdowns in 2021 Meme - travel meme

And yes, I am sad about about my travel plans still pretty much being on hold. Mostly.

Still cant travel meme in 2021
Meme of person reaching for travel in 2021 only to be held back by more lockdowns travel meme
More Lockdowns in 2021 Travel Meme

Speaking of travel…how about business travel? Yeah, it’s basically dead. Thanks to Zoom meetings and lockdowns, it’s going to be a long while before business travel gets going again – if ever.

More Travel Lockdowns in 2021 Meme

The travel industry is barely hanging on

It’s still the long dark winter for the travel industry right now. If it weren’t for face masks (and HEPA filters) the whole thing might fold up.

Face Mask Airplane Meme

And, thanks to Bernie, we have an epic meme template which basically describes every passenger still traveling right now (all 309 of you). Yes, it’s basically super irritatating (wipes fog off glasses). But at least you are able to travel.

bernie airport meme

And for those of you still traveling, it still sucks when your flight gets delayed thanks to, I don’t know…a winter freaking storm!?

Flight Delay Meme - airport memes

And despite the delays, and the masks, and freakouts, it’s still pretty damn epic when you do get to travel, right??

OMG we want to travel so bad meme

Speaking of insanity…how ’bout that GameStop madness?

What a time to be alive! It was nuts the last few weeks with redditors pumping the market over clearly worthless stocks combined with the hedge funds (and media) losing their f’ng minds and manipulating (probably…) the market to control their losses. Even our friends at American Airlines got into the game.

American Airlines pumped by redditors meme
Gamestop Travel Meme

We could go on…but we won’t

There’s so much great meme fodder out there that we could keep on keeping on. But we won’t. Unless the Super Bowl today brings something interesting…lol.

Stay safe out there, don’t lose your mind, don’t freakout, and don’t ever, ever, ever eat the Hampton Inn breakfast.

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