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The sun-kissed hamlet of Temecula, California is home to wineries, picturesque landscapes, and a quaint, but bustling, downtown area. Here are 3 unique things to do in Temecula, CA.

3 Unique Things To Do in Temecula, CA

by Jeremy B

The sun-kissed hamlet of Temecula, California is home to wineries, picturesque landscapes, and a quaint, but bustling, downtown area. Here are 3 unique things to do in Temecula, CA.

Temecula, California is a bedroom community for San Diego and Orange County where many commuters have found (relatively) affordable housing in the notoriously pricey Southern California region. This once-small community is now bursting at the seams with residents having experienced tremendous amounts of growth over the last 20 years.

Despite the growth the town has retained its western charm and there are plenty of fun things to do in Temecula. From wineries to beer, championship golf, film festivals and balloon rides, this town is worthy of a full weekend visit.

Things to do in Temecula CA

Unique Things To Do in Temecula, CA

This once sleepy town was a stopover for gas on your to and from other parts of California. However, this picturesque valley is home to a temperate climate ideally suited for wine and ranching (Ronald Reagan and Audie Murphy once owned ranches in the Temecula Valley).

Now, this town is a bustling destination for tourists looking to escape city life. While wine is an oft favored choice for Temecula visitors, there is much more to do in this lovely valley. Here are 3 unique things to do in Temecula, CA.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Things to do in Temecula CA - balloon ride

Temecula has a vibrant ballooning community and it’s not uncommon to see vivid hot air balloons drifting across the landscape in the early morning as the sun peaks over the nearby hills. For something more unusual, consider booking a hot air balloon ride on your Temecula visit.

Brewery Tour

Temecula is known for its excellent wineries, however, in recent years a robust craft brewery scene has emerged which keeps the locals busy and brings in a steady stream of visitors from surrounding towns and counties. The local landscape is now dotted with some excellent breweries many of which are open to the public for tastings, tours and meals.

Of note is 8-Bit Brewery (technically located in Murrieta, just on the other side of the Temecula border) which has an exceptional collection of beer along with a great restaurant. Don’t forget to grab some locally brewed cold brew from Rusted Iron Coffee who often haunts the 8-Bit parking lot and can be ordered from inside their restaurant.

Shop, eat and dance in downtown Temecula

Things to do in Temecula CA - downtown

No visit to Temecula is complete with spending time in the downtown area. This well-developed portion of the town is almost always busy but still oozes western Americana. From antique shops to upscale boutiques shops, exceptional dining experiences, and yes even dancing, downtown Temecula is a must-visit stop.

Additional Things to do in Temecula

Winery Tour - Temecula CA

Here are several other great things to do in Temecula to keep the fun going:

  • Visit the Pechanga Casino – this massive casino offers just about everything a Vegas casino would offer from shows, to golf, food, and of course loose slots and a great poker room.
  • Winery Tour – when you’ve tired of beer, Temecula is known around the world for exceptional wine and fantastic wineries. Book a winery tour here and try them all! Book tickets here.
  • Try an outdoor scavenger hunt in downtown Temecula – toss some adventure and intrigue into your visit with an outdoor escape room visit in the western-themed downtown area. Book tickets here.
  • Ride horses through the Temecula wine country – with its western roots, equestrian life is an important part of Temecula culture and visitors can ride a horse through wine country for a little more fun! Book tickets here.

Final Thoughts: Unique Things to do in Temecula, California

The town of Temecula is hidden gem in a sea of popular SOCAL destinations and it retains a certain charm despite its growth in popularity in recent years. Visit Temecula for a change of pace, to unwind, sip some great beverages and create some great memories.

Be sure to check out all the great destinations in our “Unique Things to Do” Series and take a step out of the ordinary on your next trip.

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