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Weird Travel Jobs - the most unusual way to travel and get paid

Weird Travel Jobs – the most unusual way to travel and get paid

by Jeremy B

Traveling the world has a certain allure to it and there are many vocations that facilitate or support a travel lifestyle. Business travelers, or digital nomad are common ones, but we like the weird stuff. The interesting travel jobs. The weird travel jobs!

In this collaboration we examine the weird travel jobs. The ones you might not think of off the top of your head. Some of temporary jobs, some are jobs you take WHILE you are traveling (to support yourself) others are just for fun (while still weird). Some are even serious careers that are just a little unusual.

Here are Weird Travel Jobs – the most unusual way to travel and get paid.

Note: this is a collaboration with submissions from several travel bloggers in the blogger universe.

Weird Travel Jobs

Here we go! Several unique and unusual travel jobs! Some of these (including the first) were provided by us here at the CBoardingGroup and several were submitted as part of a collaboration with fellow travel bloggers.

If you have a weird travel job you want included, drop us a comment or tweet us and we can consider adding it!

Kobe Beef Insemination Specialist

Weird Travel Jobs - inseminate Kobe Beef Cows

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

I once sat next to a bright young lady whose job was related to the insemination of prized Kobe Beef cattle. Her job took her all over the world and involved coordinating the breeding of high end beef stock. Apparently, like horses, beef have an importance placed on their genealogy. This lady would arrange the hook up of cows based on their lineage and quality.

In other words she was Tinder for cows. That’s pretty weird.

Author: Us, here at the CBoardingGroup.com. Be sure to check out 23 Travel Jobs & Careers and find some less weird travel jobs. You can read more about the Kobe Beef Industry here.

Village Librarian – kind of a weird travel job of sorts

I once worked at a library in a remote village in the south of the Czech Republic. The village had five families, thirty people, forty two hens, and fifty-five sheep. My task was to catalog and organize the children’s section of the library. The library was unique in that it had been set up in an old converted cow house but the number of priceless books in that place! My, oh my! There were at least 50,000 books, many first and second editions, and in all languages conceivable.

Weird Travel Jobs - work in a village library

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The owner had appealed to neighbors, friends, and well-wishers from all over the world to contribute to the library and the books came pouring in. I can tell you I had so much fun browsing through the old musty pages and reading books by authors I’d never thought was possible. Not many people came to read there, nonetheless it was a veritable treasure in the midst of nowhere. I was lucky to find it.

Author: Smita Bhattacharya is a traveler, management consultant, author, and blogger. More about her adventures at her website www.smitabhattacharya.com and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/smitabe

Art courier

Have you ever wondered how those amazing artifacts and exhibitions travel between museums and galleries? Well, sometimes the most precious pieces of art are actually accompanied by an art courier. An art courier is a person who travels with artwork and is responsible for its protection. If the artwork reaches its destination safe and sound, that means the art courier has done their job.

paintings inside building

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

I think that’s the perfect job for some who loves art, traveling and can enjoy all that with great responsibility for the items they travel with. An acquaintance of mine was occupied with this profession but unfortunately wasn’t allowed to share details and stories. Security comes first!

Authors: Bistra and Nace from the the travel blog The Magic of Traveling

Organ Courier / Medical Courier

You’ve all seen them. Maybe on a plane or in the elevator of the hotel (like I just did the other night) but you always wonder just a little bit what organ is in that container. Is it a heart? Maybe a kidney? Spleen?

Organ Courier - definitely a weird travel job

Photo by Павел Сорокин on Pexels.com

I’ve sat next to organ carriers on the plane before and while it may not be the best paying job, it does get you around the country a bit. And…it’s kinda weird.

Author: Us, here at the CBoardingGroup.com. Be sure to check out 23 Travel Jobs & Careers and find some less weird travel jobs.

Street Performer

When I was traveling in Huaraz Peru, I met several Argentinians that have been traveling for 2 years. Surprised by the length of their travel, I asked them how much money they had spent. The answer? $1400. They told me the trick was to make money as you go.

sea sunset water ocean

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Their secret to making money while traveling was through street performances such as juggling balls, throwing around sticks on fire, and other circus-like acts. They would often stand at busy vehicle intersections and perform their act for the duration of the light. Doing so for a few hours daily, they would be able to pay for their accommodation with the money they made. It is definitely not the best way but every little bit counts when you are traveling for a long time!

Author: Sean from the travel blog LivingOutLau.

I Staffed High School Graduation Trips to Mexico

Tour companies often hire part-time seasonal staff so after I graduated college and was not ready to enter the real world yet I signed on to staff high school graduation trips through a site called Grad Week.

Week-long summer programs that felt like spring break on steroids, we were assigned various tasks from organizing theme parties and bar crawls to serving as the “bodyguards” for the “VIP guests” who were essentially D-List MTV reality stars brought along to entice signups.

Our real job, though, was to ensure that no one ended up in jail or the hospital because what happens in Mexico doesn’t always stay in Mexico.

Author: Lauren Monitz is a travel/food writer and social media influencer specializing in offbeat adventures. From becoming a certified viking in Iceland to blackwater rafting in New Zealand, she seaks out the weirdest and wackiest combinations you didn’t even know you wanted on your bucket list. She covers free travel ideas and how to save money on travel. Lauren has bylines across the web from Thrillist and the Huffington Post to Eater and the Food Network. You can follow her (mis)adventures on the DownLo.com.

Cruise Ship Dance Host – super weird travel job haha!

Apparently this is a real thing. While trying to fall asleep in my hotel the other night an older movie came on featuring Jack Lemmon and Walther Matthau. Out to Sea features these comedic icons aboard a cruise ship…as dance hosts. Hilarity ensues.

Essentially, men are hired to join the cruise and dance with the single ladies. Here, I will let Cruise Jobs explain it better (because I had to look this up!):

“Luxury cruise lines developed the Dance Host program in order to accompany unescorted women on the dance floor and during other shipboard entertainment activities. Historically, this tradition began because a larger proportion of women to men traveled on the ships and the cruise lines wanted to enhance their enjoyment on the cruise by having hosts available to escort them at social functions, shoreCruise Ship Jobs-Gentleman Dance Host excursions and other activities. Women responded very positively to the concept of Dance Hosts. It made them feel welcomed aboard the ships and at the same time it gave the Dance Host an opportunity to travel, meet interesting people and be a part of the cruise staff team.”

So…there you go. That’s pretty weird.

Thanks for visiting – what’s your weirdest travel job?

We hope you enjoyed this silly collaboration about weird travel jobs. How about you? What’s your weirdest travel job? Got one to share? Drop us a comment, we’d love to hear about it!

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Weird Travel Jobs the most unusual way to travel and get paid

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