10 Funny Things About Ontario Airport

10 Funny Things About Ontario Airport

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The Ontario International Airport (ONT) was recently in the news for it’s massive year over year passenger growth. The popularity of this Southern California airport only continues to grow as more and more travelers find out about it.  We happen to love this airport and consider it our “home” airport – but, it does have a few funny quirks.

Thus, for the next installment in our 10 Funny Things about Airport “X” we are looking at good ole ONT Airport! Enjoy!

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10 Funny Things About ONT Airport

Here are the 10 funniest things about my favorite (and home) airport, Ontario:

1. It was recently announced the California’s favorite “alternative airport.” I don’t know why this cracked me up so much, but I think we should apply this moniker to other things to. This is my favorite alternative girlfriend. My favorite alternative job is not working at all.

2. It’s in Ontario. Yeah, not Canada though. People often confuse this airport with Ontario Canada’s airport. I’m like, bro, you know I live in California and we are both in Dallas right now…why would I fly to Canada on my way home!?

Ontario CANADA vs Californai.png

3. Did I mention it’s in Ontario. As in Ontario, California…ewww. As in not exactly the nicest part of SOCAL? Think warehouses, trucking, and gangs. But we still like it! I bet it’s nicer in Ontario Canada…

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4. Lots of movies and TV shows are filmed here. Which basically means that because I spend so much time in this airport anytime it’s shows up in a movie or TV show or commercial I’m like dammit…I know that check in counter. Totally distracting.

5. LAX did it’s best to screw this airport over when they owned it. Not funny, really, because I had no intention of driving to LAX. #Nope. Fortunately, LAX sold it off…and things have started to return to normal now that LAX is not asphyxiating it!

6. It’s clientele is often…well…how do I put this delicately…”blue collar?” This has to do with proximity to the Inland Empire (a hot bed for the non Orange County fellers…of which I am one). These are my peeps, but they are little funny sometimes. In other words, I see a lot of travelers rocking the cut off tank top travel outfit. Hey, suns out guns out, right? Just leave the crack pipe in the car please. TSA frowns on that.

7. I once saw a lady walking her dog in the ONT airport while it crapped she looked at it…and kept walking. Yup. The lady saw, acknowledged and ignored the fact her dog was crapping (in motion) as she strolled leisurely through the airport to grab some beef jerky. #StayClassy

8. There’s a Terminal 1 (where the movies are filmed – see their clarification to my original mistake, above) a Terminal 2 and Terminal 4…but sadly, no Terminal 3. Did the aliens take ’em? I suspect that it’s just really good (and long distance) planning on their part because it does look like you could squeeze a terminal 1 and 3 in there at some future date. But it is a little odd to not even at least have a Terminal 1.

9. Shh…don’t tell anyone, but the “off site” parking is ridiculously cheap for airport parking…and you can still walk to the Southwest Terminal. I am amazed that the remote parking lot is so cheap (like $13.00/day) and it’s walking distance from the Southwest Terminal. I keep waiting for them to raise it by 10 bux.

PS…if you are looking for more details on parking at Ontario Airport check out my ONT Parking Guide

10. It’s a bit tired and needs a remodel. It’s an older airport that is showing it’s age. Some of that is because of the game LAX was playing with it, but it definitely needs a face lift. Speaking of face lifts and remodels, the down escalator in Terminal 4 has been inoperable for literally like 9 months or something. I fly out of ONT several times a month and it’s still broke…which causes a jam up at the elevator (or for me, I get some exercise by walking down the stairs).

Final Thoughts (and laughs) about the ONT Airport

Do me a favor and don’t fly out of ONT. I want to keep it my little secret. Go ahead and make that trek to LAX and I will enjoy the shorter lines, and easier airport access! 🙂

For more information on this great airport (despite the fun we’ve had today), visit FlyOntario.com 

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7 comments on “10 Funny Things About Ontario Airport

  1. Ed

    One more note — landing from international destinations on China Airlines and Volaris is very third world, and you have to walk in the 100 degree heat in the summer for quite a while to get to the tiny tiny international arrivals building.

    1. The C Boarding Group Post author

      And if I recall the “Lounge” for China Airlines is like in an Airport Restaurant or something, right?

      1. The C Boarding Group Post author

        Nice! I recall it being like an old restaurant that had a weird sort of room divider kind of thing and an airline rep standing out front next to a small sign on a pole. Nice to see they’ve stepped it up!

  2. Glenn

    Funny how you think it is old and outdated. For those of us who flew in and out of ONT in the ’90s – that was old and outdated (and the Terminal 1 you are seeking). The space between terminals 2 and 4 was left for future growth. The terminals are only about 20 years old, so doubt there is an update in the near future.

    1. Joseph N.

      For sure. Ontario in the 90s was like a mix between a construction site and those portable buildings that schools bring in when they are overcrowded. The roads leading in were just as bad.


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