14 Travel Safety Articles_ A Roundup of Traveller Safety Posts from January 2019

14 Travel Safety Articles: A Roundup of Traveller Safety Posts from Early 2019

This month the CBoardingGroup has been focusing heavily on safer travel. During the course of the month we’ve featured several new articles that have unpacked different elements of traveller safety.

In case you missed them, here’s a list of our traveller safety articles, to date, plus several other traveller safety articles we found in the month of January, 2019. A total of 14 articles focusing on traveller safety, curated for our readers.

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7 Traveller Safety Articles We Published on our Site

  1. 9 Travel Safety Tips to help you stay safe on your next trip
  2. 5 Travel Safety Tips for Women Business Travelers (Guest Post)
  3. The Traveller’s First Aid Kit – the savvy road warrior is always prepared
  4. Traveller Safety Tips and Travel Self Defense Gear for Road Warriors (Guest Post)
  5. Travel Tip Tuesday #1: Don’t Leave your toothbrush in the hotel room
  6. 9 Hotel Safety Tips – You Need to Know
  7. 7 Cyber Security Travel Tips: Don’t get hacked on your business trip


Other interesting Traveller Safety Articles from January 2019

Here are 7 articles written and published on other sites this month that focused on traveller safety. Enjoy!

  1. Entrepreneur.com: Female Road Warriors: How to Protect Yourself When Traveling for Work by Kim Albrecht
  2. Buying Business Travel: Safety and wellbeing top travel managers’ priorities by Molly Dyson
  3. Forbes: Today Is National Pet Travel Safety Day – Keep Your Furry Friends Safe On The Road With These Tips by Josh Max
  4. Travel Leaders Network: Winter Storm Harper: Easy Tips for Travel Safety
  5. QSI News: Wanderlusting students, download these travel safety apps by Study International Staff 
  7. Lawyers.com: Business Travel Safety by Mr. Mark D. Chappell

By the way, if you are interested in following the authors / publishers of these articles on twitter, here are their handles: @KimAlbrecht@mbdyson, @J0shMax@TravelLeaders, @Study_INTNL@ABC36News@AlexusLarsonTV@CSA_Law_Firm.

It’s been a heckuva month for travel safety…

We could have easily added another 20 or so articles about traveller safety to this roundup, but we tried to cull it down to the best of the best. Clearly traveller safety remains a top concern for travellers of all types from business to leisure to student – even pets! We hope this list of traveller safety articles helps all of us to travel more safely!

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14 Travel Safety Articles - Roundup of the Best Traveller Safety Articles from 2019 So Far!

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