3M Gold Privacy Filter Review

3M Gold Privacy Filter Review

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

Find out how the 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter with the 3M™COMPLY™ Attachment System, can help protect traveler’s data from prying eyes while traveling for work. This top of the line privacy filter from renowned innovator 3M is easy to install (see our video, below) and can be counted on to reduce the chance of the wrong people seeing the wrong thing.

Business Travelers are a Target

Frequent Business Travelers know it’s tough to stay on top of email while traveling. Consequently, we often find ourselves knocking it out on the plane. Or maybe it’s a presentation we are working on before we get to our next meeting.

3M™ Gold Privacy Filter (12.5″)

In fact, on a recent flight, I observed a salesperson sitting one row ahead of me working on his sales strategy for his region. For the entire 3 hour flight I had a front-row seat to this company’s regional strategy. Fortunately, I don’t work in the food distribution industry…but if I did I’d have all the intel I needed about upcoming promotions.

This is called visual hacking and as a business traveler, you need to care about this threat.

Had this well-meaning salesperson had a privacy filter on his laptop screen I wouldn’t have been able to see his confidential sales strategy. We’ve consistently recommended that business travelers employ a privacy screen filter whenever they are traveling. It’s simply good practice. We even encourage companies to make it MANDATORY for employees.

A good option? 3M makes several laptop privacy filters, but we are especially impressed with the 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter with the 3M™COMPLY™ Attachment System.

3M™ Gold Privacy Filter Review

In this 3M™ Gold Privacy FilterReview we examine the basic functionality of the filter, share the technical specifications and key features, highlight how to choose the right filter for your laptop and show you how easy it is to install.

3M™ Gold Privacy Filter (12.5″)

3M™ Privacy Filter Product Line + How do Privacy Filters Work?

3M offers a few different classes of privacy filters including the High Clarity Series, Black Privacy Series and the Gold Privacy Series. Of these three, the Gold Privacy Series is the highest end family in the 3M™ Privacy Filters portfolio.

At the core a privacy filter has a singular purpose: obscure the visibility of your screen from side angles. In other words, if you are not looking directly AT your laptop the privacy filter obscures the view from those looking on from the side. Using polarized plastic screens and a design based on the principle of a mini-blind, the privacy filter is an extremely low tech (but highly effective) method of protecting your screen.

If you are interested in learning more about how privacy filter’s work check out this popular YouTube video:

3M™ Gold Privacy Filter Specifications & Features

Alright, let’s examine the unique specifications and key features of the 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter. As noted earlier, the Gold series filter is the top of the line privacy filter and as such it has some unique advantages over other similar products.

The key features, are as stated below:

  • Fade to black starting at the 30-degree side angle
  • Stops side viewing beyond a 60-degree viewing angle
  • 20% more clarity than standard 3M™ Black Privacy Filters
  • Designed for high-resolution monitors
  • Features a gold glossy finish for clarity (is also reversible to glossy black)
  • Reduces 35% of blue light transmission
  • Easy to install, remove & clean

Let’s double click on the Gold vs. Black aspect of the 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter. When using a 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter snoopers will see a Gold color when viewing from the side instead of your content. Most privacy filters offer a black or grey view to snoopers while giving you unfiltered clarity when looking directly on. The Gold series from 3M gives snoopers a GOLD view.

Not to worry though…it can be reversed giving you a more traditional black view. Of course, to you, the user, you see your laptop clearly. And that’s a key benefit of the 3M Gold series: Clarity. 3M notes that this series of privacy filters offers users 25% clarity – a marked increase from other less expensive families.

3M™ Gold Privacy Filter (12.5″)

Another important feature of the 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter is the attachment system. Specifically, this technology is known as the 3M™ COMPLY™ Attachment System. In essence, this attachment approach allows for the privacy filter to be easily attached to your laptop with proprietary 3M high-strength adhesive hinges. The 3M™COMPLY™ Attachment System allows you to easily flip the privacy screen up when you do need to share your screen (e.g. with a fellow colleague) and then flip it back down to prevent visual hacking.

In fact, here’s a video of how the 3M™ COMPLY™ Attachment System works!

Check out 3Mscreens.com/COMPLY for more information.

Its strong adhesive withstands the rigors of daily use and it features a quick-flip tab so you don’t get your grubby fingers all over the screen.

Business Travelers looking for the highest quality privacy filter for your laptop should feel confident the 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter is the right choice.

Selecting the right 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter for your Laptop

Choosing a privacy filter is all about monitor size. Such is the case with the 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter for your laptop. 3M sells their privacy filters to fit your monitor size.

3M appears to have 17 different models fitting various laptop sizes (including Macbooks, I might add). You will likely have no trouble finding a model that matches your size. However, in the rare case you can’t, 3M recommends you buy a model that is as close to your laptop’s monitor size…but a tad smaller.

Remember, laptop monitors, are measured diagonally. Of course, you can always consult your laptop’s manufacturer for its size (e.g. just go to Dell’s website and look your laptop).

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter Review. As noted this is the Cadillac in the 3M™ privacy filter series of products. It’s easy to install, provides great clarity and most importantly…protects your screen from the prying eyes of fellow business travelers.

You can buy one here on 3Mscreens.com/wheretobuy


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3M Gold Privacy Filter Review Keep Prying Eyes off Your Data While Traveling for Work
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