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Airbnb expands focus on business travelers with new features

Airbnb expands focus on business travelers with new features

by Jeremy B

Airbnb announced new features designed to cater towards business travelers. According to an announcement posted on Airbnb’s website, the new capabilities will allow searchers to use a feature they are calling “work trip toggle.”

In simple terms this means searchers who are using the Airbnb platform as part of a work trip can let Airbnb know this via a toggle during the search process. By turning on this capability during a search the results will be curated more towards properties that are likely better fits for business travelers.

Airbnb notes:

“Searchers will see and be able to book work-friendly places to stay, including entire homes, Airbnb Plus homes that are verified for quality and design, and boutique hotels. This new way to find work-friendly places to stay includes those that meet increased quality standards by showcasing listings that have received positive ratings from business travelers, and where hosts have indicated there are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.”

This new feature, while relatively minor, is part of the intentional and serious focus that Airbnb has been placing on earning a share of the business travel lodging market. They note that over 500,000 companies today already uses the Airbnb platform in conjunction with business travel although it’s unclear how much revenue they actually generate from business travel.




Revenue amounts aside, it’s clear that Airbnb continues to search after even more meaningful revenue streams and the a chunk of the business travel space only makes sense. Features like these, however small, are continued steps on that journey to being a real player in the corporate lodging space.

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