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Best Business Travel Suitcase under $150

Best Business Travel Suitcase under $150

by Jeremy B

Business Travelers value quality, durability and functionality for most of the travel gear they use while traveling for work. In this article we examine the suitcase needs of the business traveler and identify the best business travel suitcase under $150.00.

The Life of a Business Traveler – what’s important?

Business Travelers typically know how to travel. They’ve often got it down to a science. They’ve figured out how to minimize senseless time wasters, increase their productivity, and maximize their comfort.

Image of a female business traveler at airport with suitcase

For example, most business travelers swear by the #1 Travel Hack of All Time – they never check a bag. Checking bags adds extra time on both ends of your flight and adds risk that your bag may become lost.

Business Travelers also want luggage that is lightweight but durable for heavy use. It needs to easily fit into the overhead bin and take the beating that comes from frequent travel. It should roll smoothly and consistently and it should be able to fit several days worth of clothes (especially since Biz travelers know how to pack!).

Price is not a major factor but it still is a factor. Quality, durability and functionality are far more important and if you can find one that’s also affordable all the better.

Best Business Travel Suitcase

As frequent business travelers ourselves we are well versed in the daily grind that traveling for work brings. We’ve also had our share of suitcases over the years – including cheap ones and expensive ones. However, based on our most recent experiences we think we’ve identified the best business travel suitcase and it’s under $150.00 on some retailers websites like Online retailer eBags who has has this model on sale for 149.99).

The Travelpro Luggage Crew 11 21″ Carry-on Expandable Spinner Suitcase is part of the highly respected TravelPro family of suitcases. Known for durability, quality and functionality, TravelPro is widely used by airline staff who travel every single day. It’s not uncommon to see my pilot or flight attendant crew zipping through the airport with a TravelPro product.

It’s also not uncommon to see a fellow traveler who’s made the investment in a TravelPro product either. And there’s a reason. Let’s learn why we think this is the best business travel suitcase on the market today.

Travelpro Luggage Crew 11 21″ Carry-on Expandable Spinner

The TravelPro Crew 11 21″ Suitcase is an extremely popular option for business travelers and there’s a reason. This finely tuned suitcase is a mere 21″ inches in height and 14 inches wide giving you precisely the necessary amount of room to store enough clothes for a few days while easily fitting into the overhead bin of most airplanes (it still won’t fit into a small plane like a CRJ).


  • Size: 21 x 14 x 9 in
  • Weight: 7.92 lbs
  • Expandable
  • Extendable handle: The handle extends to different heights for fine tuning based on the traveler’s height
  • Rolling: Spinner style featuring “dualie-style” wheels (basically two wheels per wheel area for a total of 8 omni-directional wheels)
  • Unique Features:
    • External USB Port for Charging
    • Pocket to connect a portable charger
    • Includes a suiter

What I really like about this suitcase is the ease in which it rolls. The wheels are extremely well made and roll ever so smoothly on most surfaces. For plusher carpets or steeper declines where pulling motion is necessary you can easily tip the suitcase forward and roll it like a traditional 2-wheeled suitcase.

I also appreciate the attention to detail and quality. The zippers are robust, smooth and easy to use. This is important because the frequent traveler will zip and unzip their suitcase time and time again and you don’t want your zipper blowing out on you.

The 11 Series of suitcases features a unique feature which we like, but don’t love: a pouch for a portable charger that connects to an external port on the suitcase in case you can’t find a plug or seat at the airport somewhere. Great idea, but they didn’t completely execute on it. The pouch is too small for a reasonably powerful portable charger (like my Anker PowerCore 20100 model) and so you’d have to settle for something much smaller (like this).

All in all, the TravelPro Crew 11 21″ Suitcase is the best business travel suitcase on the market today, in our opinion and if you are a frugal shopper it won’t break the bank.

If you need more convincing check out this video overview from TravelPro themselves:

Where to buy the Best Business Travel Suitcase

Online retailer eBags also has this model on sale for 149.99.

Stores like Zappos and Bed Bath and Beyond retail this suitcase for anywhere from $195.00 to $229.00. Clearly, Amazon seems to have the better deals on this suitcase.

Final Thoughts on Business Travel Suitcases

Thanks for stopping in today. We hope you enjoyed this discussion of the best business travel suitcases and we hope you find the TravelPro Crew 11 21″ Model to be as great as we have. Be sure to check out all of our product reviews here including a more detailed an in-depth review of the TravelPro Crew 11.


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The Best Business Travel Suitcase under $150

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