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El Dorado Park Golf Course Review (Long Beach CA) - should I take a customer there_

El Dorado Park Golf Course Review (Long Beach CA) – should I take a customer there?

by Jeremy B

Read our El Dorado Park Golf Course Review and find out if this course is suitable for business meetings, customers or colleagues. 

This past Sunday I scheduled a business meeting over 18 holes at the El Dorado Park Golf Course in Long Beach California. Here is my review of this old, but still fun socal golf course.

We are starting a new series here at the CBoardingGroup featuring Golf Course Reviews with an emphasis on places to take customers or colleagues for business outings (which is something I often do). Stay tuned for more Golf Course reviews in the coming weeks and months as we build this feature of our business travel blog out. 

History of El Dorado Park

El Dorado Park is a Ted Robinson, Sr course built in 1962. This Par 72 hosts the famed Long Beach Open tourney and is located adjacent the El Dorado Park which is a massive play area with soccer fields, fishing lakes, duck ponds, etc.

El Dorado Park Golf Course Entrance

El Dorado Park Golf Course Review

Our foursome had an early Sunday morning tee time and the course was already pretty busy. We paid roughly $70.00 for our tee times on what turned out to be a slightly muggy day in Long Beach, CA. Here’s my review of the El Dorado Park Golf Course, including facilities, play, pace and my overall opinion.

El Dorado Park Golf Course Review Hole 1

First Hole – El Dorado Park Golf Course


El Dorado Park was built in 1962 and it’s age shows. From the tired club house and bathroom facilities it’s no secret this course is old. However, having played older courses like this before I expected it to be in rough shape. It was not.

In fact, the course was in pretty good shape really. The greens were decent (and fast!), the fairways green and well maintained. The rough was deep enough to be challenging. Given how old the course is I expected it to be in bad shape and it was not. The course does run alongside some powerlines which on a few holes are a bit unsightly and I noticed a homeless encampment on the other side of the chain link fence near the water aqueduct running adjacent to the course. All minor things considering it’s an old course in an older city.

The building themselves, however, probably could use a demo and rebuild or major remodel as their age is readily apparent.

El Dorado Park Golf Course Review - Facilities 1

The Mid Course Snack Bar and Restrooms Showing their Age

The practice facilities were in great shape with a good sized putting green, a chipping area and a driving range. The only gripe I had was with the driving range which has players hitting off of turf mats instead of grass and there are no places to insert a tee for driver practice. Some mats had soft plastic tees, but not all and it wasn’t clear if we had to ask for them, or bring them, or what.

El Dorado Park is located at 2400 N Studebaker Rd, Long Beach, CA 90815.


I knew nothing about the El Dorado Park Golf Course. The other half of my business meeting picked it semi-randomly and we didn’t know what to expect other than it was old. We assumed it would be tired, in bad shape and just old.

Aside from the buildings, the course was in great shape and featured a challenging, but fair chance to enjoy the great game of golf. The course features tree-lined fairways, the occasional duck pond / lake and well-placed bunkers.


The trees are very mature and we given our handicaps we found ourselves in them several times which made for an interesting game.

Bunkers were abundant and we found ourselves in a few. They were, with one exception, well maintained with soft sand. Only one bunker was a bit damp (even muddy in the spot I was in) which made it hard to get out, but that was the exception not the rule.


It was a busy Sunday morning and I noticed that a few groups went out with a 2-some and the group behind us had 5. That said, the pace wasn’t to bad. The 2-some of course sped up and they didn’t stop at the turn to grab some food like we did so when we hit the 11th hole the Marshall politely urged us to speed it up.

The good news was I stroked a beautiful 5 iron to the green with him watching for a nice par. #pressure

The pace of play was actually just fine. We are not great golfers and we were a little slow, but the group behind us had 5 and was slow too.

Overall Opinion – and should I take a customer there?

I expected a municipal quality golfing experience at an old course but it was a step up from that. Sure, there we times when the course shows it age, but it was a fair yet challenging course. Pace of play was fine and it was an overall decent experience.


My colleagues were more blue collar fellas so we didn’t need a Pebble Beach sort of experience. Should you take customers here? That will depend on the customer. If you are trying to give your customers a grand experience with a bit of luxury, this is not that course. But, if you are looking to enjoy a competitive game at reasonable prices without having to worry about hitting a mansion with your drive this is the course.

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Final Thoughts

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed our El Dorado Park Golf Course review. Be sure to check back in for more golf course reviews in our new segment on Golf Course to Take Customers!


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