Gifts for Travel Bloggers

Gifts for Travel Bloggers (aka My Travel Blogger Christmas Wish List!)

I run a Travel Blog, the and I’ve very much enjoyed my foray into the world of Travel Blogging this year! Frankly, I’ve not had this much fun in a while (if you can call hitting refresh on my page views counter endlessly, fun!). Now that we are mere weeks away from Christmas, I’ve been thinking about what I might want for Christmas. Truth be told, it’s stuff for my blog! So here’s my list of Gifts for Travel Bloggers (also known as my Travel Blogger Christmas Wish List!). And yeah, I think some of this probably applies to all bloggers too!

PS…this is a travel blog…and like most blogs, it has some affiliate links. If you purchase something I might get a commission which is super appreciated. So help a brother out here…and thanks!

Life of a Travel Blogger

Before I share my list of gifts for travel bloggers, let’s do a super quick dive into the life of a travel blogger – or at least my life. haha…

By way of intro, I run a business travel blog. My blog focuses a bit more on the life of the business traveler, the gory details, etc, and provides travel tips and travel hacks on how to get better at business travel.

Admittedly, a lot of this advice applies to regular travelers too (like Never Check a Bag – the #1 Travel Hack of All Time!).

I also occasionally write about blogging itself, and share some of the blog tips I’ve picked up along the way. Like Writer’s Block Cures – 8 Tips to Get Writing Again, or Travel Blog Tips: 6 Ways for Travel Bloggers to Drive More Blog Traffic.

My experience as a business travel blogger really resolves around me flying to exotic locations like Bismark, ND, then driving to Minot, ND, and then writing about it in a older Hampton Inn at night because I can’t fall asleep because of Jet Lag.

TSA Memes - Cost of food at Airport Memes

When No One Takes the Middle Seat Airplane Memes

I am not one of those “here’s my shirtless photo of my and my wife in Fiji on a beach in a posed photo holding a baby shark” kinda travel bloggers.

And like any Travel Blogger (biz or otherwise), I not only enjoy to write (I really do!) I also like to make a few shekels on the side.

This leads me to my motivation behind the gifts for travel bloggers…it’s basically stuff I want, but haven’t bought yet, to make my blog better! There’s no drone w/ camera for traveling or selfie stick silliness on my  list. Nope, it’s more like I want a subscription to Canva so I don’t have to use the free version anymore.

Ok, enough blah blah, let’s get to the list of Gifts for Travel Bloggers.

Pssst…I hope my wife reads this!

Gifts for Travel Bloggers (aka my Christmas Wish List!)

Gifts for Travel Bloggers #1: Annual Canva Subscription

Canva - from the 9 Biggest Blogging Mistakes I made

I love Canva. I mean I really love it. I use the free version to create all of the graphics for my blog and for my Pinterest account. It’s so easy to use. Has a ton of free graphics, etc, but I am getting to the point where I’d love to spring for the full paid version.

It’s pretty cheap too…less than $10.00 a month!

Gifts for Travel Bloggers #2: Annual Tailwind Subscription

Tailwind from the 9 Biggest Mistakes I made Blogging

This is my #1 Gift Request. Probably should have put it first. I don’t even get an affiliate link credit here if you click on this link..because, well, I don’t have a current subscription.

I did use the trial version of Tailwind until it maxed out and I loved it. The ability to autoschedule pins in bulk was amazing. The analytics was super helpful, but the Tribes feature is where the real money is.

If you’re listening, honey, TailwindTailwindTailwind…hehe.

Gifts for Travel Bloggers #3: Latest Copy of On Writing Well, by William Zinsser

Zinnser - on writing well

This book changed my writing life. Simple, easy to understand suggestions on how improve your writing.

But I have an older version. I want the latest one!

Gifts for Travel Bloggers #4: Some new headphones

FX Viktaria

My FX-Viktaria’s broke on my last trip (my stupid fault), and I want a new pair of over-the-ear headphones. I will take the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones…but I doubt anyone wants to spend that kind of cash on me!

BTW…you can read my product review of the FX-Viktaria’s here.

Gifts for Travel Bloggers #4: New Ogio Metro Backpack

Work Trip Backpack: The Business Traveler's Backpack Ogio Metro Backpack Product Review

The Business Traveler’s Backpack Ogio Metro Backpack Product Review

I am on my 2nd Ogio Backpack…and they are amazing. Lifetime customer here. 100% sold. But nothing lasts forever. And while mine probably could go another year, it’s getting a little beat up.

A new one would be swell!

PS…you can check out my product review of the Ogio Metro Backpack here.

Gifts for Travel Bloggers #5: Stuff to read…

I want books - Gifts for Travel Bloggers

I love to read. I mean LOVE to read. And because I sit on planes a tremendous amount of time, I have TIME to read. A great gift for a travel blogger is something to read.

Maybe it’s something for the Kindle Paperwhite.

Or maybe something from Amazon’s best seller list.

Or maybe something from my 47 Best Travel Books of All Time list

Just feed my reading habit.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Travel Bloggers

Great list, huh!? No selfie sticks or Neck Pillows on this list! And you can keep your hammock to hang between two Palm Trees for your posed photo in Fiji! #HardPass.

Nope. Just some real practical useful crap a travel blogger could actually use to grow their blog!

What’s your favorite blogger gifts? Join the conversation and leave us a comment or follow us on social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Oh yeah…speaking of travel gifts…I highly suggest you check out my gift guide for travelers…a collection of suggestions for people who travel – including business travelers.

Gifts for Travelers

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