Product Review - FX-Viktaria Wireless Headphones

Product Review: FX-Viktaria Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Here is my product review for the FX Viktaria Headphones. Any regular business traveler has got to include a set of headphones in their travel kit. In my experience there is really two ways to go here:

  • Cheap & Disposable
  • High End

For years I used the cheap and disposable approach, buying inexpensive wired headphones (usually earbuds like these Anker Soundbuds: ) that wouldn’t give me any cause for concern if I lost them, or damaged them. I often carried two sets even.

For the last few years I went a little bit higher-end, using the SkullCandy Hesh 2 headphones, which were pretty good actually, if not a bit bulky. But, after the ear muff cover (which had started falling off) finally was lost, I decided to hit the market again. Personally, I find it hard to justify dropping $250.00 or more on a pair of Beats Headphones. Call me cheap.

Beats Headphones

I decided to revert back to my cheapskate-ish approach, and settled on an affordable pair of FX-Viktaria Headphones. These set me back about $26.00 and was shipped via Amazon Prime.

FX Viktaria

I’ve now used these headphones for several trips now. And so far, so good. Here is my product review of the FX-Viktaria Headphones.

Product Review: FX-Viktaria Headphones


  • Price: Can’t beat $26.00 for over the ear headphones
  • Sound Quality: Pretty good actually (even through Bluetooth). Very clear sound overall.
  • Comfort: I wear glasses so ANY over the ear headphone typically causes me discomfort – especially over time. That said, these were just fine and pretty comfortable really.
  • Other features:
    • They include a backup wire which is handy if you run out of batteries mid-flight (which I did!). Switched over the cord – bam, continued watching moving.
    • They fold up pretty easy and fit into the backpack nice enough.
    • They are adjustable for different head sizes
    • Bluetooth support, and you can use it to answer calls, etc.




  • Battery life: IMO it’s a bit low. I’ve now run out of battery twice on longer flights. Granted, I didn’t charge it the night before, but it “felt” like the battery life was short. With proper planning, and the backup cord,  you are probably ok
  • No Bag/Case: While they do fold up nicely, no case or bag was included. I’d have liked to have one to protect them a bit better while in my Ogio Backpack and I’d rather not have to find one and hope it fits.
  • Controls: There are some volume, play/answer phone controls on the headphones themselves. I did accidentally pause my show while adjusting the headphones on my ears. Not a huge deal, but they are in spot where it seemed natural to grab w/ your hand.

Overall Opinion on the FX-Viktaria Headphones

Listen, for $26.00, you have to be realistic. And while I lusted briefly after some sweet Beats Headphones, I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Especially knowing how rough I am on things when I travel. So, Beats these aint, but they do provide pretty good value, IMO. I still keep my backup Anker’s just in case, but I think these will be just fine for purposes of business travel. They can get you through a few downloaded Netflix show’s and on to your final destination. Final Call on the FX-Viktarias? BUY

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