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Hilton introduces new employee benefit for breastfeeding mothers

by Jeremy B

Today, Hilton announced a new employee benefits for Hilton mother’s through it’s partnership with Milk Stork. The program allows Hilton employees who are nursing to carry or ship breast milk while traveling for work.

Milk Stork is a company that aims to solve a very specific problem for nursing mother’s: what to do with breast milk while traveling. Instead of pumping and dumping (as they note on their website), traveling mother’s can ship their milk home. Additionally, mother’s can ship their breast milk ahead of them directly to their hotel.

Milk Stork Logo.png

Their website notes:

“Milk Stork solves breast milk transportation for career-minded mothers. Ship or Tote your milk from your hotel back home to your baby.”

They have two primary offers listed. One for bringing your milk home with you and one for shipping it. See below:

Hilton, long known for having a strong set of family friendly benefits is brining this benefit to its employees starting in June of 2019. The cost? Zero. Hilton is offering this benefit to it’s working mother’s free of charge.

A quote from their press releases notes:

“With this new partnership, Hilton is demonstrating its commitment to our working moms so they can both feed their babies and thrive in their careers,†said Katie Fallon, global head of corporate affairs at Hilton. “As a mother of three who just recently came back from maternity leave, Milk Stork is a game changer, allowing me to travel while meeting my breastfeeding goals.â€Â 

Good on ya, Hilton.

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Read the full press release here.


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