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prAna Men's Brion Pant Review - Great Travel Pants for Men

prAna Men’s Brion Pant Review – Great Travel Pants for Men

by Jeremy B

The prAna Men’s Brion Travel Pants are some of the most comfortable pants you can wear while traveling. In this Brion Travel Pants review we examine the comfort, fit, breath-ability and price-to-value of these men’s travel pants.

How we tested these pants

The background for this product review is that I was looking for some lightweight but comfortable pants to wear on a 12 hour flight to Munich as part of some international travel. It was an overnight flight and I knew I’d be sleeping and wanted something comfortable enough to sleep in that wasn’t sweat pants.


I had wanted to stay away from jeans (not great for a 12 hour flight, IMO) or shorts (not great if it gets cold). I needed something lightweight, both cool and warm and something that looked stylish.

After researching Lululemon men’s pants (on recommendation from my son who claims they are the most comfortable pants he’s every worn) I decided to go with the prAna Brion Pants which made claims about being great for hiking, travel, etc.

They also had good reviews. I snatched them up for a tad over $50.00 (which was WAY cheaper than Lululemon…).

prAna Men’s Brion Pant Review

In the following sections we examine the Brion men’s pants specifications, share our experiences with the pants and provide a buying recommendation.

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Men’s Brion Pants Specs

Here are the Men’s Brion Travel Pants specifications.

  • Colors: 16, including Charcoal, Khaki, Cargo Green and many more
  • Sizes:
    • Min Waist: 30
    • Max Waist: 42
    • Min Inseam: 30
    • Max Inseam: 36
  • Fabric: Stretch Zion
  • Special Features:
    • Water Repellent
    • Abrasion-resistant
    • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Rise: Sits below the waist
  • Fit: Slim through the rear and thighs (but not overly so)

My experiences with the Brion Mens Travel Pants

I did indeed wear these pants on my lengthy 12 hour flight to Munich. They were very comfortable and breathable. There’s a fine line between too thin and still thick enough to be warm when your body needs it. These pants covered both sides of that equation just fine.

I was also concerned about sweat. Sometimes thin non-cottony pants be a little sweaty. No such thing with these pants. All in all I was quite pleased with them.


What I didn’t like was the pockets were a little short (not deep enough) and were made of mesh which felt a little cheap. I’d have preferred they were made out of the same material as the pants.

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Buying Recommendation

For our money, the Brion Men’s Travel Pants are a solid buy. If you are looking for comfortable and affordable pants to wear when traveling (especially on long flights) these pants will do just fine.

Buy them here (check price)

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