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These are not the Baby Yoda Memes you are looking for (about travel)

by Jeremy B

OMG we are in love with Baby Yoda. The collective “awwwwww” that erupted from our family’s living room when he first appeared on Disney’s new show The Mandalorian could be heard 3 houses down. Being how we like to serve up some tasty travel memes here at the CBoardingGroup, we had (I mean literally HAD) to pull some Baby Yoda Memes together (for travel of course).

By the way, we (my family of 4 including an 8 and 11 year old) actually like the show too, for the most part. Sure, it’s not as edgy as something you might find on HBO, but it is good family fun with just enough “interesting stuff” to not bore you. John Favreau does a good job writing and directing the show and it has kept our family pretty well entertained.

And it has Baby Yoda. Baby Freeking Yoda. 

Baby Yoda Memes (and some Mandalorian Memes)

Ok, here are some of our first Baby Yoda Memes and some other Mandalorian Memes in general.

Baby Yoda Meme - Earlier Flight Home

It’s so close I can almost feel it!

Baby Yoda Meme - First and last day of trip

Dang bro…I am worn out from this business trip. Had to go through Philly which kicked my butt.

Baby Yoda Meme - first upgrade

It’s a totally new experience. So foreign. Is that a wider seat? Did she just offer me a drink?

Baby Yoda Memes - Asking for an Upgrade

I am here tryin look sad and helpful hoping this gate agent upgrades me from the middle seat to at least an aisle.

Baby Yoda Memes - didn't get the upgrade

She didn’t. Now I am sad.

Baby Yoda Memes - first business trip

Wow. So many things.

Baby Yoda Memes - Traveling with my boss

My boss is some kinda of next level traveler. He’s knocking down first class upgrades and I am just happy to find a spot for my luggage.

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Ok…more Baby Yoda memes ahead

Baby Yoda Memes - Trying for that Upgrade

Let’s hope it works.

I like those odds memes

I need my sleep bro.

Initiate Self Destruction Memes

Sigh. What the heck was I thinking!

Mandalorian Memes - I have spoken - we are staying at the Marriot

Ok, no Hilton points for me this trip.

Mandalorian Memes - Never Check a Bag This is the Way

You never check your bag. This is the way.

Initiate Self Destruction Memes - Flying American Airlines

It’s not worth it. Imma head out.

Baby Yoda Meme - Walking Through A New Airport

Wow, this Frankfurt airport is big.

Mandalorian Memes - TSA Precheck

Dang, man, TSA is the way to go.

Mandalorian Memes I have spoken Memes - flight canceled

I guess we will sleep on the airport floor tonight.

mando memes - boarding first

Hellsya. Baller status.

Mando Memes - my bosses status versus mine

Maybe I should travel more.

Middle Seat Meme - initiate self destruction

No comment needed.

Baby Yoda Memes - first on the upgrade list

Awww yeah….

Should you watch the Mandalorian?

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Thanks for tuning in and happy traveling

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