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How to Travel During the Holidays (if you dare) – Travel Tip Tuesday #44

by Jeremy B

In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday this week we are sharing a few tips on how to travel during the holidays. Happy Travel Tip Tuesday and I hope you are NOT traveling this week…because, unfortunately, I am. 🙂

Each Tuesday share a unique or interesting travel tidbit so be sure to read all of the preceding Travel Tip Tuesday’s here.

For all of you work travelers out there, Holiday travel can be rough. Here’s some ideas on  how to make a little smoother.

Travel Tip Tuesday #44 – Holiday Travel: Yay or Nay?

I say nay…but that’s because I am a grump. And I hate people. And groups of people. And people who travel during the holidays. Haha…

If you are going to travel during the holiday’s you need to be careful what actual days you travel, consider where you are going and consider who you are traveling with.

For example, leaving Los Angeles (to drive, say to Las Vegas) on the Wed before Thanksgiving at 4PM is pretty much insanity. Scratch that…it’s WORSE.

Moreover, flying with your family is likely a different experience than flying solo on a another work trip. You will go slower. Your family may not have the same status as you do, and they probably won’t pack as well. And it’s going to be slower than you’d like.

That’s ok. You are the poor sucker that decided to travel during the holidays. Haha

That said, there are few things you can do to survive.

Step 1: Set Realistic Expectations

You are traveling with your family. This is not a typical work travel week. You are NOT going to be able to zip through security as fast as you might when traveling for work.

You need to level set your expectations on how fast you can go and plan for some hiccups.

Step 2: Pick the Right Days

Secondly, it’s important to try to minimize disruption. That means traveling on the right days. If you are driving somewhere consider the traffic patterns and adjust.

If you are flying somewhere try to avoid exceptionally busy travel days (like Thanksgiving itself). Plan accordingly.

Christmas is just around the corner…we’ve got you covered in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers….you are welcome.

The Christmas gift guide for travelers ===================================

Step 3: Get serious about packing

Much chaos can be avoided by packing light. This won’t come naturally for your family (unless they are travel pros already). But packing light is important. I suggest not checking bags if you can. Two suitcase carry ons (one for you and one for your spouse) and two backpacks. The kids can bring a small backpack with some of their stuff.

Anything else, well, you probably don’t need it.

Step 4: Go early

Whatever your normal routine is…it’s going to be longer. So plan on arriving early. Get to the airport a little earlier. Leave your house a little earlier. etc.

Step 5: Chill Out

It’s going to be a little hairy at times so just relax. Remember you are on a vacation. The kids are going to be excited. You are your spouse will be a little frazzled so relax. Try not to let the chaos overwhelm you.

Bonus Step: Don’t travel on the Holidays

As a bonus…don’t travel on the Holidays! Bring the family to you! Avoid the chaos. Of course, that does mean you are going to have clean your house for company. Hmm…maybe that Security line on Thanksgiving Day at JFK does sound better…

Be sure to check out our 8 Holiday Travel Tips – your recipe for travel success for more good ideas on holiday travel. Or, just don’t travel at all. Go see your family January instead. 

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How to Travel During the Holidays (if you dare) travel tip tuesday #44

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