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7 Unique Travel Accessories for 2019 (that have me intrigued!)

7 Unique Travel Accessories for 2019 (that have me intrigued!)

by Jeremy B

We love travel accessories and gadgets. Sure, they aren’t always practical, but we still love finding and researching them. Here are 7 unique travel accessories for 2019 that really have us intrigued.

Unique Travel Accessories that have me intrigued in 2019

From the health conscious to the goofy, the impractical, the just-plain-cool and more, here are 7 (it’s actually 10…I’ve given you a few bonus ones) unique travel accessories for 2019 that have us going…hmmm….interesting…

Nima Peanut Sensor

The first unique travel accessory that’s got me intrigued is the Nima Peanut Sensor. The reason this travel accessory is so interesting to me is that several of my nephews are deadly allergic to Peanuts. My sister’s life has been turned upside dealing with these difficult allergies.

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Every meal must be treated with caution. The ability to eat out is limited and visiting other friends or families requires careful planning and a high sense of caution when pretty much being anywhere.

The Nima Peanut Sensor is a portable peanut sensor that you can take with you everywhere.

Nebula Capsule – Portable Mini Projector by Anker

The next item in this list of travel accessories is a practical piece of travel gear that a business traveler might bring with them on a work trip.

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After years of lugging around a full size projector I can get behind this size of projector. While the days of lugging around projectors are behind me this travel accessory caught my eye.

And for families looking to have a little down time on a trip you you could easily use this to toss a movie up on a hotel wall and unwind a bit from your vacation.



Personal / Travel Mini Humidifier by Fancii Cool Mist

Dry air, allergies, chapped lips and more. All can be avoided with the use of a humidifier. The problem is you can’t lug your big-arse humidifier with you on a travel.

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Enter the Fancii Cool Mist travel humidifier. A portable humidifier that fits in the palm of your hand and uses a water bottle you could pick in the hotel lobby.

4-in-1 Hanging Rollup Toiletry Bag Travel Toiletries Bag

Packing smart (and light) can be a challenge. This unique travel accessory intrigues because of it’s roll-up features. I like the idea of something that can unfurl for full use then be rolled back up for tight packing.

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Lewis N Clark Travel Door Alarm

Safety. Safety. Safety. We recently talked about hotel security in our 9 Hotel Security Tips you need to know. and I will tell you the response has been great. Apparently people are concerned about staying safe during their hotel stays far more than I realized. The device below (from Lewis N Clark) is a clever solution that will trigger and audible alarm when the door to your hotel is opened. Intriguing. Of course, a traditional door stop (with alarm) will do the trick too.

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Micro Luggage 3.0 – Suitcase Scooter

I picture a 31 year old millenial male with a cross body satchel draped around his neck riding this thing through the O’Hare airport and I chuckle just a little bit (ok a lot). I can’t imagine ME ever using this thing, but it is interesting. Maybe my brother…(he’s a millenial).

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YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

In our post entitled the Top 10 Travel Accessories on Amazon.com the Yamiu Travel Shoe Bag is pretty cool. A simple idea, really. I normally throw my stinky running shoes in a grocery bag, but here’s something purpose built.

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Family vacation? Stinky wet kids shoes? No problem. Stinky shoes after that jog? Toss ’em in here and avoid stinking up all your laundry. Clever. And affordable (check price).



Bonus: Instapark Mars20S Portable & Rechargeable Emergency / Survival Solar Power Generator

Where are my preppers at?? Listen, this accessory really doesn’t have anything to do w/ traditional travel, but it’s pretty cool and I stumbled across it while looking for unique travel accessories for this post.

I guess you COULD travel with it…but maybe to like a family vacation to the desert with your RV or something.

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Bonus: Underwater Drone

I don’t care who you are this is awesome. An underwater drone? Shut up and take my money. I don’t even scuba dive, but this is pretty sweet. It’s also pricey (although Amazon frequently has it on sale).

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Bonus: Above Water Drone (aka…a drone…haha)

We love drones. Especially above water drones (sorry…had to do the joke twice). The DJI Mavic Pro is consistently rated as one of the Top Drones for travelers. If you need a drone for your next trip you really should consider this baby.

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Speaking of Drones…be sure to check out our sister site, Best Travel Drone and find detailed comparison and analysis of the best drones for travel.

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The End – that’s all for now

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7 Unique Travel Accessories for 2019 that have me intrigued

7 unique travel accessories for 2019

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