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Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2 Shoe Review (Travel Dress Shoes for Men with Wide Feet)

by Jeremy B

Amazon tells me I’ve purchased these shoes 8 times which is not surprising because they are truly the best dress shoes I’ve ever owned and certainly the best dress shoes for travel I’ve owned. In this Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2 Shoe Review I cover the ins and outs of this highly comfortable, useful and relatively affordable travel dress shoes.

About Me

I have large wide feet (13EE). I am about 6’1″ (sneaking up on six two…), 43 years old and I have the darndest time finding shoes in general, let along dress shoes, let alone dress shoes I can travel it.

It’s pretty much a terrible experience. Ordering shoes online has typically been an adventure too. Buy shoe, doesn’t fit, return. Buy shoe, doesn’t fit, return. Ugh! Some of you know the struggle.

Black (check price)


or Buy from Rockport.com

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Often I would have to go into a shoe store and pay what felt like more money than I needed to in order to find the right shoes.

Worth noting that I also travel like crazy for work. I am in airplanes, hotels, rental cars, taxi cabs and more almost every week. Consequently my shoes take a beating. Additionally, since I am a HUGE proponent of packing light I like to wear a single pair of shoes the entire week and thus need something that’s generic enough to go with various outfits and nice enough to look decent in front of customers.

I accidentally discovered the Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2 Shoe and when it fit I immediately ordered two more pairs (one extra black and a tan).

In fact, I go through a pair a year (and I wear them hard), but since I am terrified that Rockport will quit making them I often order one or two at a time.

Ok, that’s enough about me and why / how I found these shoes. Let’s get into the Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2 Apron Toe Oxford Shoe Review.

Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2 Shoe Review

In the next few sections I share some additional details about these great men’s travel dress shoes including their specifications and a buying recommendation.

Truffle Tan (check price)


Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2 Apron Toe Oxford Shoe Specs

Here are the Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2 Apron Toe Oxford specifications.

  • Colors: 3 (Black, Truffle Tan, Tan)
  • Sizes:
    • Men’s 5 through 17 (normal, wide and extra wide)
  • Material: Leather
  • Toe: Apron (aka Square)
  • Special Features (from the mfr website):
    • Sponge EVA footbed conforms to the shape of the foot for a personalized fit
    • DEWIX linings help reduce foot odor and wick moisture to help keep the foot dry
    • Full-grain leather is easy to clean and maintain to extend your shoes’ life
    • truTECH® sport technology helps provide shock-absorbing heel cushioning
  • Fit: Rockport claims that 85% of people fit into this perfectly

My experiences with the Rockport Men’s Style Leader 2 Apron Toe Oxford Shoe

As noted earlier, it is hard to find dress shoes that fit and that are suitable for travel. The Rockford Style Leader 2 shoes fit that bill by 300%. I literally cannot recommend them enough.

Black (check price)


I actually own both the black pair (pictured above) and regular tan, pictured below, which is slightly different than the truffle tan included earlier in this post.

Regular Tan (close, but different than the Truffle Tan) – Check Price


One additional factor I like about these shoes is that I can easily take the stock insole out and replace it with my preferred orthotics from Archmolds (which are great, btw).


Buying Recommendation

Yeah…get ’em. Especially if you have trouble finding BIG and WIDE shoes.

Buy them here from Amazon (check price)

Buy them here from Rockport.com directly (check price)

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Travel Dress Shoes for Men with wide feet Rockport Men's Style Leader 2 Shoe Review

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