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Are you still doing your Christmas shopping? We got you covered with some great ideas for tech-inspired gifts for travelers. From adapters to headphones and more, we highlight 13 tech gifts for travelers that everyone will love.

13 Tech Gifts for Travelers

by Jeremy B

Now that travel is back people are once again investing in their travel tech. We have got you covered with some great ideas for tech-inspired gifts for travelers. From adapters to headphones, gadgets and more, we highlight 13 tech gifts for travelers that are sure to delight.

Travel is back, thank god! Last year was a nutty, crazy year. The travel industry almost didn’t make it! Most of us saw our travel plans evaporate like the NY Jets’ chances of winning a football game. Sure, some of us still got out a little bit, ensconced in face masks or face shields, bathing ourselves with hand sanitizer that we bought in bulk.

Or maybe some of us hit the road, embarking on the road trips that were now cool again. Many of us made staycations a thing again – upgrading our backyards, or booking a hotel in our town so we could have at least one night of watching Amazon Prime for a different bed than our home.

But, we all still wanted to travel which is why revenge travel is so hot right now. As millions of people make up for lost time by hitting the road and knocking out their bucket list many are quickly realizing they don’t have the right travel tech.

As you plan out your next trip, upgrading your travel tech is always fun. So, use the list below to inspire a great gift for someone who loves to travel, or to drop a few hints with someone about what you want this year. Here are the best travel tech gifts for travelers.

13 Tech Gifts for Travelers

Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick summary of the coolest tech gifts for travelers.

  1. Good headphones
  2. iPad
  3. Kindle
  4. Portable Power Charger
  5. International Travel Adapter
  6. Travel-sized surge protector
  7. Electronics Organizer
  8. Travel Drone
  9. GoTenna Mesh Off-Grid Mesh Network
  10. Apple Watch
  11. Fitbit
  12. Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  13. Wizgear AC Cell Phone Mount

Bonus Tech Gift for Travelers: GoPro!

Bonus Gift Idea: Travel Themed Laptop Stickers

Alright, let’s dive in. Here are the 13 best tech gifts for travelers.

Good headphones are never a bad gift

Quality headphones are a key aspect of travel success. Why? Well, travelers often experience long periods of boredom. For example, I’ve spent 12 hours on a plane from Frankfurt to Los Angeles. Fortunately, I had some great headphones (Beats Solo 3’s to be precise) with me to help occupy my time on this long haul flight.

Every traveler needs good quality headphones and here are two great options.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35’s [Check Amazon Price] [compare price at Best Buy]

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Beats Studio 3’s (Check Price)


While on that long flight to LA, I alternated between watching movies on the entertainment system to watching downloaded Amazon Prime content on my iPad. An iPad is a must-have gadget for the traveler and it makes a truly delightful tech gift for someone who travels.

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Apple iPad 10.2 inch with Cellular (Check Price)


While I no longer own a Kindle, preferring to simply use the Kindle App on my iPad or Phone, but I am still shocked at how many travelers still use the Kindle. This incredibly popular device is still extremely common for travel use and is a great tech gift for a traveler. Plus, you can use it at home while you are quarantining and waiting for that vaccine.

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Kindle Paperwhite (Check Price)

Portable Power Charger

Power. You can never have enough. Savvy travelers always bring backup options for power and one of the more common methods is to bring a portable power charger or bar with you. For example, as I mention in my Anker PowerCore 20100 review, Always Be Charging! I’ve offered two portable charging options, below, but Amazon has 100’s for sale.

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Anker Powercore 20100 Portable Charger (Check Price)

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PowerBank 1000 (Check Price)

International Travel Adapter

If you travel internationally your US plugs are not going to work. Sorry! But, you can still power your devices while traveling with this interesting tech gift for travel: a Newvanga International Power Adapter. Worked like a champ for me on my trip to Poland.

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Newvanga International Power Adapter (Check Price)

Travel-sized surge protector

A less sexy (but still practical) tech gift for travelers is a travel-sized surge protector / extension cord. Sometimes the plugs in our hotel rooms are located in awkward positions. Rather than carry a bulky extension cord around AND a surge protector, use a travel size combo. Love this device!

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Upwade Mini Portable Travel Surge Protector (Check Price)

Electronics Organizer

With all of the gadgets, plugs, cords and more, travelers need a good cord and electronics organizer. Here’s a deeper one (which we like for international travel because of the bulky travel adapters). It’s a great tech gift for travelers!

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Amatory Cord and Electronics Organizer (Check Price)

Travel Drone

Drones are the rage these days. They are far easier to use than ever, much more affordable and the perfect tech gift for the serious traveler. Delight your loved one with a high-quality drone like the DJI Mavic Air 2 (pictured below) which according to BestTravelDrone.com is one of the best travel drones of all time.

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DJI Mavic Air 2 (Check Price)

GoTenna Mesh Off-Grid Mesh Network

For the adventure traveler, the GoTenna Mesh Off-Grid network uses technology to keep you connected while you are off the beaten path. Comes in handy for emergencies!

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GoTenna Mesh Network (Check Price)

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is both beautiful and functional. It’s also one of the more classy and thoughtful tech gifts for travelers on our list. Go big these holidays with this baby.

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Apple Watch 7 [Check Price – it ain’t cheap] [Check Best Buy Price]


As travelers, we do a lot of walking. A LOT! Airport terminals. Rental car facilities. Hotel Parking lots. And of course, our final destination (be it a vacation to Krakow or a business trip to NYC). Why not track your steps (or runs) with a Fitbit.

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Fitbit Inspire [Check Amazon Price] [Check Walmart Price]

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes you need to take the headphones off in your hotel room and rock some deep bass (sorry neighbors!). A portable travel-sized bluetooth speaker could make a great addition to your next vacation kit. Here are a few options including the Oontz Angle which we reviewed here.

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Oontz Angle (Check Price)

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JBL Charge 3 (Check Price)

Wizgear AC Phone Mount

The Wizgear AC Phone Mount is a nice stocking stuffer for the traveler in your life. It’s always a hassle trying to figure out what to do with your phone in your rental car when using it’s nav system. You can’t permanently mount it in the rental car so why not snag an AC mounted system that clips to the AC vents. Perfect! Be sure to check out our review here.
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Wizgear AC Phone Mount (Check Price)

Bonus Tech Gift for Travelers: GoPro!

My son and his friend joined us on a rafting ride in Colorado one year. They both strapped GoPro’s onto their helmets and the resulting footage was pretty epic. In terms of cool tech gifts for travelers, this may be one of the coolest gift ideas!

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GoPro Hero 8 (Check Price!)

Bonus Tech Gift: Travel Themed Laptop Gifts

We love to sticker-up our laptops and adding a fun travel-inspired sticker is the perfect way to tell the world you are a travel nerd. Here’s a few ideas:

I Haven't Been - Sticker - Airportag

See Price

Jet Lag - Sticker - Airportag

See Price

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The Best Tech Gifts for Travelers

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