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7 Best Travel Tips & Tricks Savvy Travelers Already Know

The 7 Best Travel Tips & Tricks Savvy Travelers Already Know

by Jeremy B

Ever seen those business travel types at the airport? You know the ones I am talking about; while you are stuck in the security line fumbling for your ID, they skirt past you in some mysterious “secret” security line. They board the plane before you. They look healthy. They never struggle with their luggage. Who are these Greek Gods of travel? Nobody special, really. Just savvy travel pros who know the ins and outs of how to travel smarter. They employ the very best travel tips & tricks during the course of their travels…and boy, it shows.

If you want to learn these best travel tips and tricks yourself, keep reading while I let you in on the secret travel tips and tricks travel pros use to travel more smoothly than you do.

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Ok…let’s dig in to the 7 Best Travel Tips & Tricks that Savvy Travelers already know. Ready to #SavvyUp?

The 7 Best Travel Tips & Tricks

Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick summary of the 7 Best Travel Tips & Tricks:

  1. Don’t check your luggage – carry it on.
  2. Get TSA Pre-Check (or Global Word Entry)
  3. Invest in a 4-wheel roller or “Spinner” suitcase.
  4. Create a good travel routine and stick to it.
  5. Skip chain restaurants and eat local.
  6. Try to stick with a single Airline, Hotel, and Rental Car company to max your points and status
  7. Always workout BEFORE dinner.

Ok, let’s dive in and learn why these tips are so important.

Best Travel Tips & Tricks #1: Don’t check your luggage – carry it on

If you are the kind of person who loves adding extra time to both ends of your tip, then check your bag. If the bag fees themselves were not enough to deter you the prospect of lost luggage, and extra time (while you wait in line to both check and pick up your bag) should do the trick.

Always, always, always, carry your bag on. With good luggage, proper packing and an emphasis on traveling light, you can (and should) avoid checking your bag.

Speaking of packing tips and good luggage, here are some suggestions for you:

Best Travel Tips & Tricks #2: Get TSA Pre-Check (or Global Word Entry)

Why wait in a line with the rest of the poor souls, heaving their bags along, struggling to find the right ID to show the TSA agent when you can skip all of that nonsense. TSA Precheck allows you to get “pre-screened” through a background check, fingerprinting and an $85.00 fee (for five years!) and then…you get your own special security line. You can leave your jacket and shoes on and skip through the checkpoint in no time at all.

It’s literally the best eighty-five bucks you can spend.

TSA Memes - TSA Precheck America Travel MemesTravel MEME: TSA Precheck - you the real MVP TSA Memes
Travel MEME: TSA Precheck - you the real MVP

Best Travel Tips & Tricks #3: Invest in a 4-wheel roller or “Spinner” suitcase.

Whoever invented the spinner suitcase deserves some sort of medal. I hope they at least patented the technology and now own and island somewhere counting their stacks of cash.

Product Review TravelPro Crew 11 21 Inch - for the work trip

For many years, the traditional 2-wheeled suitcase was my preferred carry on. Boy was that dumb. After wearing my 2-wheeler out, I did some research and ultimately settled on the 4-Wheel TravelPro Crew 11 21″ Spinner. I will never go back.

Seriously. Never.

No more added strain from the weight of the suitcase on my arm (from it leaning while being pulled behind me) and it slides ever so smoothly in the airport. Aside from it occasionally wanting to wander off, I love it.

Here’s my review of the TravelPro Crew 11 21″ – a classy, functional and durable carry on suitcase.

Best Travel Tips & Tricks #4: Create a good travel routine and stick to it.

If you travel regularly, develop a routine. Your body will thank you.

Personally, I always unpack immediately after I get to the Hotel Room. I hang my clothes. Iron the next day’s clothes (usually just a shirt, as my pants are always wrinkle free). I lay out the rest of my stuff (socks, etc).

I also set my toiletries out and on those really early mornings I lay the towel out on the floor next to the tub, physically move the shampoo into the shower, hang my towel next to the shower, and get the coffee pretty close to ready. Yikes! Now that I am writing that it sounds a little wacky! 🙂

I will even lay out my Allergy pill and partially open it. This is all because I am usually in a different time zone, and know I will be running on fumes in the morning. Those extra few seconds seem to add up and give me a little buffer if I am running slow.

Also…I am a bit anal…

Best Travel Tips & Tricks #5: Skip the chain restaurants and eat local.

You can eat at Chili’s any old day. When visiting Salem, Oregon, eat somewhere neat. Someplace unique. Someplace memorable.

PS…I really did visit Salem, OR, a lot actually. And wrote a guide on where to eat and what to see/do in Salem, OR. Check it out!

There are so many good local restaurants wherever you go (including Salem)! Support local small businesses and eat someplace memorable.

Speaking of eating while you are on the road, check out my article 9 Healthy Travel Snacks – eat smarter on the road.

Best Travel Tips & Tricks #6: Try to stick with a single Airline, Hotel, and Rental Car company to max your points and status

Since your going to be traveling,  you might as well get some points for it. Do your best to stick with a single Airline, Hotel and Rental Car company.

This way, you can accumulate points and status quicker. Status gets you perks like early boarding, priority lines when you need them, upgrades and more.

And by consolidating your miles/points on as few of company’s as possible, you can earn more of them…then use them to pay for a family vacation or something.

Speaking of Rewards programs, you might like these posts:

Best Travel Tips & Tricks #7: Always Workout BEFORE dinner.

I write about this best travel tip in my 7 Habits to Healthy Travel piece, but this is one of those best travel tips that is truly a game changer.

When I was really traveling hard, I let my health go. Running, eating healthy and working out BEFORE dinner (while traveling) was the key to getting it back under control.

I had a rule. I would be happy to eat dinner “with the team,” [remember, I travel for work] but only after I worked out first.

Here’s why this is one of the best travel tips & tricks you need. I absolutely guarantee that you will NOT go work out after the team dinner, some drinks, and a heavy meal.

It’s not going to happen. And if you are a human, doing it in the morning (especially in a new time zone) is tough.

So, get it done immediately after you get back to the hotel, but before dinner. #GameChanger

PS…if you are looking for more ways to stay healthy while you travel, here’s some ideas:

Conclusion – my final thoughts on the best travel tips & tricks

I hope this list of the best travel tips & tricks have been insightful. Employ these strategies on your next trip and start to travel smarter!

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7 of the Best Travel Tips and Tricks

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Cipher March 10, 2019 - 10:52 am

I agree, the money I spent on Global Entry was the best value for the money. It is good for 5 years but even one trip of not having to stand in the customs line after a long overseas flight was worth every penny. Not to mention it comes with TSA Precheck, so all my US flights had less stress as well.

MrSimpleLife May 6, 2019 - 7:20 pm

Great post full of actionable tips. I especially liked workout before dinner. Agree it never happens afterwards and it’s tough to stay healthy on the road at the best of times

Ghani Mengal February 9, 2020 - 7:16 am

I was searching about productivity tips on google, then reading several articles I found this post.

However, I’m a big fan of traveling. Unfortunately, I belong to a poor family but I’m trying to travel the world. from today I will be a permanent reader of this website, cuz I love it


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