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Travel Tip Tuesday 40 Skip the Souvenir Shop and find a Walmart

Travel Tip Tuesday #40 – Skip the Souvenir Shop and find a Walmart Instead

by Jeremy B

This week’s travel tip is about saving a few shekels when traveling. For our business traveler audience you all know that sometimes it is nice to grab a trinket or two for your kids. Same goes when you are on vacation. And there is no shortage of overpriced souvenir shops. I suggest you skip the pricey swag in souvenir shop and find yourself a big box store to save a few bucks.

Usually we focus in on a specific travel topic for our weekly Travel Tip Tuesday posts. However, for the month of October we are winging it! Anything goes! Each Tuesday we will do a deep dive into something travel related but unlike most months we could land anywhere…be sure to read all of the preceding Travel Tip Tuesday’s here. 

Travel Tip Tuesday #40 – Skip the Souvenir Shop and find a Walmart

Airport souvenir shops are notoriously expensive! Samesies with Hotel gifts shops or pretty  much any gifts or souvenir shop. Usually crazy expensive.

As someone who travelers for work quite I bit I like to snag the occasional trinket for my kids. I don’t do it on every trip, but occasionally it is fun to surprise the kiddos with something from Maine or South Dakota or Poland or wherever I am traveling for work.

However, to save some money I will try to visit a local Walmart or other similar store and buy something local there (like a I Heart NYC shirt or a South Dakota magnet).

Gift Shops.png

I don’t always do this. Sometimes the trinket is unique enough to buy it from a specific gift shop, but often it’s not. You could spend 25.00 for a “What happens in Vegas” shirt at the MGM gift shop or swing over to a local Target and snag it for $12.00.

Often it pretty much the same thing.

And yeah, I get it, some of you will gripe that I am not supporting local business and to a certain extent that is true. But that is NOT true if you are comparing an airport convenience shop or Hilton gift shop (not a small company, right?) to something you snagged at Kmart (although..haha…is Kmart a small business these days??? Too Soon??? HA..).

That said, I do make an effort to find locally owned businesses whenever it makes sense,  but I certainly don’t limit myself to only those. Especially when you have 4 kids! (Like I do).

So, next time you are traveling (for work or pleasure) save a few bucks and pick up that souvenir somewhere other than the place selling $4.00 candy bars.

Speaking of buying gifts, Christmas is just around the corner…we’ve got you covered in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers….you are welcome.

The Christmas gift guide for travelers ===================================

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Travel Tip Tuesday Number 40 Skip the Souvenir Shop and find a Walmart

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