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Meme Tourism, Snorkeling Grandmas Find Sea Snakes and more (Best Travel Articles of the Week)

by Jeremy B

It’s been a while since we’ve shared a roundup of the best travel articles of the week, but we are back! Here are some of the most interesting articles we found in the travel universe this week including:

Meme Tourism, Bill Murray and PF Changs, Bedbugs, Safer Destinations, Deadly Aviation Accidents, Snorkeling Grandmas Find Sea Snakes and more!

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The Best Travel Articles of the Week

The best travel articles we read this week are here:

  1. [Our Fav of the Week] Snorkeling Grandmas Help Scientists Uncover Deadly Sea Snake Population
  2. Meme Tourism
  3. [From us!] 7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Travelers
  4. Gross! What you need to know and do if your hotel room has bedbugs
  5. You Can Now See How Safe a Destination Is at Different Times of Day With TripIt
  6. The Most Deadly Aviation Accidents in History
  7. Yes, You Can Really Take a Cruise Entirely Dedicated to Chocolate
  8. United and Apple Could Build the “Terminal of the Futureâ€
  9. Kimpton Annual Sale 2019 – 2x Elite Qualifying Points & Save up to 30%
  10. Bill Murray Applied for a Job at the Atlanta Airport P.F. Changs

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