The Best (and most essential) Travel Workout Gear for the Frequent Traveler

The Best (and most essential) Travel Workout Gear for the Frequent Traveler

The frequent traveler knows how important it is to workout while traveling. As such he or she can and should bring some gear with them on their trip to help facilitate consistent workouts. In this article I highlight the essential travel workout gear for the frequent traveler including links on where to find these items.

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The Best Travel Workout Gear for the Frequent Traveler

Admittedly some of this is a bit subjective based on the type of workouts you prefer. Thus, I’ve separated my list of essential workout gear for business travelers into two basic categories: the basics (theoretically applying to all types of workouts…emphasis on theoretically) and a separate category of special workout gear that is dependent on the type of workout you prefer. Consider the second category simply ideas to help you get started on outfitting your exercise kit!

But first, some assumptions before we get into the Best Travel Workout Gear

Before we get to the list I want to highlight a few foundational elements that will help set the stage for the gear I suggest. If nothing else, this will help provide some context.

  • I am assuming you are traveling for work
  • I am assuming you may, from time to time, use the hotel gym (e.g. for weights, or treadmill / elliptical, etc)
  • Some of you may prefer to run outside
  • I’ve tried to avoid being gender specific (e.g. I am not recommending a sports bra…if you need one, get one. You don’t need me to tell you that).

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Essential Travel Workout Gear for Travelers

Here is a list of basic or essential workout gear for business travelers. The list below is compiled in the context of the assumptions noted in the previous section.

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Good Quality Workout Headphones for Travelers

I am sure you have a pair of nice headphones in your travel kit already (I use the Beats Solo 3 headphones), but I suspect you don’t want to use them for a hot sweaty hour long jog, nor would they even be suited for that. The challenge of course is finding something that works well, is reasonably priced and doesn’t cause you to over pack. Here’s a few interesting ideas:

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

SENSO’s Bluetooth Workout Headphones pack an audio punch and a short 1.5 hour recharge time. They feature 4 different color choices (which all vary in price) and travel pretty well.

Check the Price on Amazon!

LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones

The LETSCOM Wireless Headphones are bluetooth enabled and fairly well regarded. These workout headphones come in several different color choices and have a short 2 hour charge time for an 8 hour playtime (who runs that long!?!?).

Check the Price on Amazon!

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones

The Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones for working out are by far the most pricey option of this list, but Beats is known for pretty solid quality when it comes to headphones (albeit not cheap). I personally prefer something a little less expensive when it comes to working out, but if you’ve got the money to spend, these could be the ones you’ve been waiting for.

Check the Price on Amazon!

Arm Band for your phone

Chances are you don’t use a Zune as your preferred workout music system…if you do, sorry about that. You are likely using your iPhone or Android device and streaming Spotify, Pandora or even Amazon Prime’s Music (which is pretty dope, btw). Because you don’t want to carry your phone in your hand while working out you need a good arm strap to bring with you.

Here’s a few popular choices that are worth considering. However, be sure to find the right model for your specific phone:

Sports Armband: Cell Phone Holder Case / Wrist Band (Check Price)

Good Quality Workout Shoes

This is somewhat a personal preference based on a lot of factors (gender, feet size, shoe fit, etc), but one thing you definitely NEED to bring is a pair of good quality workout shoes. For me it’s the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19’s, but it might be something else for you.

Some popular options include:


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Shoe Bag

If you are like me, your workout shoes have a tendency to stink. No need to funk up the rest of your clothes when you stash your nasty Nike’s into your suitcase. This is why I always use a shoe bag when bringing my workout shoes with me.

You have a few options here. For years I went the uber cheap route and simply used either a grocery bag or a trash bag. This honestly works pretty good and is more or less free. However, if you are looking to up your game a bit (or want to give your spouse a good idea for a gift…). Here’s a few suggestions:

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

The YAMIU Travel Shoe Bag is an insanely popular (and affordable) item designed specifically for the easy (and smell free) transport of shoes.

Check the Price on Amazon!

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BAYA CORP Travel Shoe Bags

Another option is the Baya Corp Travel Bags, which while a little less aesthetically appealing are incredibly functional – and still pretty cheap.

Check the Price on Amazon!

Travel Water Bottle

In our Travel Tip Tuesday series we highlighted the Importance of Staying Hydrated while traveling. One key way to do that is to bring a travel water bottle with you. Sure, you can use the hotel water, but I prefer to bring something that I can refill on my terms. Plus you can use it at the airport and avoid the $7.00 bottle of water (that should cost $1.50).

Check the Price on the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Workout-dependent Gear – some ideas

In this section we highlight some travel workout gear that will likely be more useful for specific types of workouts or preferences. E.g. Yoga vs. Running, or HIIT training versus lifting weights, etc. There’s literally no shortage of interesting travel workout gear to choose from so we’ve highlighted just a few of things that caught our eye.

Travel Yoga Mat

Yoga ain’t for me, but the hotel room offers you the privacy needed to knock out a great yoga workout. Bring this space saving travel yoga mat with you and avoid carpet burn!

Check the Price on Amazon!


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Cordless Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an insanely effective cardiovascular activity. But in a hotel room you probably don’t want to replace a lamp when your rope smacks it. Instead, opt for a cordless jump rope and get the same level of workout – sans a new lamp!

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Activity Tracker

I love to keep score and the FitBit activity tracker, below, can help you keep a record of your performance including your steps throughout the day. For example, I try to skip people movers and escalators when I am in airports and I like to track my overall steps each day. Compete with yourself, or get an accountability partner. Game on!

Check the Price on Amazon!

Exercise Resistance Bands

Resistance band training is wildly popular and a kit like that listed below can easily travel with you giving the ability to quickly knock out a good workout in the privacy of your hotel room.

Check the Price on Amazon!

No Equipment Workout Book

Looking for ideas on how to do simple, but effective workouts in your hotel room? Here’s an interesting book that will help you get started!

Check the Price on Amazon!

The End – it’s time to workout, right?

Ok, there you have it. A great list of essential travel workout gear that every business traveler ought to have, plus some great ideas on interesting and unique travel workout gear.

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Find The Best (and most essential) Travel Workout Gear for the Frequent Traveler

The Best Travel Workout Gear for Travelers

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