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TSA says 90%+ travelers spending less than 5 minutes waiting in security lines

TSA says 90%+ travelers spending less than 5 minutes waiting in security lines

by Jeremy B

In a new TSA report chronicling traveler statistics for the 2019 Spring Break season, the Transportation Security Administration notes that 92.4% of all travelers wait less than five minutes in security lines.


The TSA further notes that 97.2% of travelers waited less than 20 minutes in security lines.

The astonishingly low wait times are despite increased traveler volume in 2019. The same report highlights record setting travel numbers with 108 million passengers going through TSA checkpoints. The 108m travelers represents a nearly 5% increase compared to the same time period in 2018.

TSA also noted that 63 million checked bags were screened (which is interesting in and of itself that so many people are still checking bags…).

During the spring break period the TSA noted the busiest airports were: LAX, JFK and ORD.


Image from TSA Spring Break 2019 Travel Report

The busiest airport, LAX, recorded 5.3 million travelers during the 2-week spring break period in 2019 with JFK and ORD reporting 4.2m and 3.9m, respectively.

Rounding out the Top 10 busiest spring break airports was DEN which reported 2.9 million passengers this year.

Acting Deputy TSA Administrator Patricia Cogswell noted:

“During the 2019 spring break travel period, the dedication and professionalism of our TSA officers and the commitment of our security partners were on full display. The fact that we continue to break records is a testament to the strength of the aviation industry and our continued and collaborative pursuit of improving security and the overall travel experience.”

Here is a link to the full TSA report.


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