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United goes full Bonvoy on us and ditches award charts, revamps reward program

by Jeremy B

As was widely reported by many yesterday, United has revamped their mileage program. Starting in November of 2019, United will no longer publish an award chart that lists the specific amount of miles needed for a flight. Or in other words, demand-based pricing.


Here are the CBoardingGroup we feel it’s our solemn duty (tongue firmly in cheek) to laugh at and poke a little fun at the travel industry in general. So, with United’s announcement, it’s now their turn in the barrel. Enjoy (note, there’s some more detail about the change itself after the memes):

United Airlines Memes - Customer Happiness

United Airlines Memes - Let's Bonvoy em

United Airlines Memes When United goes Full Bonvoy on you

United Airlines Memes - Trying to Book a Flight

United Airlines Memes Marriott and United Partners

United Airlines Memes New Rewards Program

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Overview of United’s Reward Program Changes

As noted, United will no longer published an award chart showing miles needed for each flight. Demand based pricing obfuscates the value of the points against the desired trip. Meaning, you could pay 75,000 points for a flight or 40,000 points for a flight – it all depends on when and where you want to go (and when you buy).

Demand based pricing isn’t new. Delta made the switch to this a while back and it looks like United is not to be left out.

We are not big fans of United anyway (more of a Southwest crew, w/ some Delta) so we are sort of ambivalent about this change.

But in reading other reports on this subject when the news broke it seems like United may very well have Bonvoyed their loyal customers.

Why is United doing this? Likely because they can. The economy is good. Airlines are doing ok and so why not. Read some of the articles, below, on this subject for other opinions on why United is making this move.

More Info

Here is some additional information about the change:


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Christian April 6, 2019 - 9:24 am

It seems really counterproductive to give a big middle finger to the people who are most engaged in your program.


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