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world cup memes - travel style

Women’s World Cup memes – travel style (On the ultimate business trip the US National Team takes care of business!)

by Jeremy B

We are huge soccer fans here at the CBoardingGroup.com. So, it’s only fitting that we join in the chorus of congratulatory notes that the United States Women’s National Team is getting after wining yet another World Cup Championship! And we do so in our classic fashion…by sharing some travel related memes that feature (in this case) the World Cup!

TSA Precheck Memes Alex Morgan Memes Tea Memes

Don’t worry…there’s lot more Women’s World Cup memes below

A little background on why we love soccer so much

As a long time goalkeeper (who only recently hung up my boots from my old-man Sunday league) I can’t get enough soccer! My parents never let me play American football, opting instead for soccer so I begrudgingly became a player and soon became enamored by the sport – playing it in college and in the Marine Corps as well as the Sunday old-man leagues.

Like many Americans I was glued to my TV yesterday as the Women’s National Team played the Netherlands in the World Cup final. And, it was a great game!

Back to the Women’s World Cup and we briefly stray into politics (sort of)

On what was the ultimate business trip the US Women, led by Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, won their 4th overall World Cup trophy, handily taking care of business against a strong Netherlands team. The team shined with gritty (and at times bloody) performances, ultimately winning in the end led by their captain, Megan Rapinoe who converted a PK to set the team ahead.

While we personally wish Megan Rapinoe would be more respectful of the American flag and National Anthem, there’s no denying she’s a uniquely talented player and clearly the leader of the US team. While we disagree with Megan’s approach to air her grievances, we gladly support her rights to free speech and happily root her and the team on.

As a Marine, I am offended by her irreverence for our flag and anthem, but completely stand by her rights to free speech, however offensive to me it may personally be. That’s the beauty of America. We don’t have to agree and that’s ok.

(sorry…not sorry…had to say something)

Ok…enough of that, here are the Women’s World Cup Memes – travel style

Ok, here you go! Here are some Women’s World Cup Memes – travel style, of course, including a throwback to a great moment in Women’s World Cup history.

Alex Morgan Memes - TSA Precheck Memes

American Airlines Memes Womens World Cup memes

Brandy Chastain memes - no one takes the middle seat


Megan Rapino Memes - Travel Memes

Womens World Cup memes - missing my flight

Womens World Cup Memes - Trying to time connections correctly

Megan Rapinoe Memes - Rental Car Memes

Womens World Cup Memes Flying United Memes

Womens World Cup memes Southwest Airlines Memes

World Cup memes - hotel memes status

World Cup memes Alex Morgan Tea Memes - not having to rent from Avis

World Cup memes avoding that flight delay

Congratulations once again to the US Women’s National Team and their historic 4th World Cup Trophy! ‘Merica!

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A quick note on the Men’s National Team

We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least acknowledge the Men’s National Team who played in a Gold Cup final yesterday and managed to do what they usually do…lose. While the US Men’s team showed some flashes of brilliance they ultimately failed to convert on their opportunities (which were many) and their midfield disappeared in the 2nd half. Ultimately, they conceded a 2nd half goal to Mexico and managed to do what happens more often than not in big games for them…lose.

We long for a day when they will be truly competitive on the national stage, and the team shows some serious potential with amazing players like Pulisic, but it’s not there yet. We will still keep rooting for them though!

Thanks for stopping in!

Thanks for stopping in! We hope you enjoyed these World Cup Travel Memes and more importantly we hope you rooted on the US National Team!

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