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Brooks Men's Beast '18 Review

Brooks Men’s Beast ’18 Review – Travel Running Shoes for men with flat feet

by Jeremy B

In this Brooks Men’s Beast 18 Review we examine the suitability of this footwear for use as travel running shoes.

The Brooks Men’s Beast ’18 Travel Running Shoes, pictured below, are part of the larger family of Brooks running shoes and are targeted at a specific type of runner: flat footed.

By way of background, I am a 6’1″ male with slightly flat feet. I also suffer from over-pronation. I usually wear a size 13 wide shoe and am a little on the heavy side these days. Let’s just say I am embracing the dad-bod a bit.

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Because I have big wide feet it is already a massive challenge to find shoes of any kind that fit. And because I overpronote it can be very hard to find running shoes that offer the support I need so that shin splints and other injuries don’t consume my work outs.

After experimenting for many years (usually with cheaper shoes) I took a gamble on a pair of Brooks Running Shoes. It was the Beast family (Beast 12 was the model, I believe).

It changed my life.

So much comfort. So little pain. The shoe I’d been looking for…

Here is my review of Brooks Men’s Beast 18 – the latest model in this family of shoes – and the only pair of shoes I now use to run while I am traveling for work.

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Brooks Men’s Beast ’18 Review

The Beast 18 is one of several running shoes in the Road category of running shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for road running (as opposed to say, trail running). Each shoe in this category is built for a different type of runner. From wide feet, to narrow feet, to overpronators, to high arches, etc. There’s like a Brooks road shoe for you.

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The Beast 18 is all about comfort and that’s probably why I like them so much. As someone with a few extra pounds these days (#DadBodLife) I need the extra cushioning and the Beast 18 is literally the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn in my life.

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They feature a unique rollbar style technology that helps get your body back into it’s natural position as your foot strikes the ground. As someone who suffers from overpronation this is a game changer for me. My shin splints started going away after the first run with my Beast’s and they’ve never returned even as Brook’s continues to improve and change their Beast product line.

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Here are the detailed specifications and unique features of the Beast 18.

  • Sizes: 8.0 – 16.0 (yeah…that’s a big shoe)
  • Widths: Normal, 2E, & 4E (I use a 2E)
  • Colors: 3, including Black/Grey, Grey/Navy, Ebony/Red
  • Support: Max Support
  • Midsole Drop: 12mm
  • Weight: 13.3oz
  • Arch: Flat, Medium
  • Special Features:
    • Super DNA Midsole that offers 25% more cushioning
    • An extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) which help guide your body back into its natural motion path with added support (this is helpful for the overpronation)
    • A large segmented “Crash Pad” that accommodates any type of foot landing and “delivers smooth heel-to-toe transitions.”
    • Sockliner interior which helps with cushioning

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Pros & Cons of the Beast 18

Here are a few pros & cons for the Beast 18:


  • Comfort: If it’s not clear by now, these shoes are like a pillow for your foot. Max comfort, baby.
  • Stability: shin splints be darned. They ain’t coming back because your foot (and thus body) is in the right position when running.
  • 90 Day return policy. Brooks offers a 90 day return policy where you can return your shoe (any condition) after 90 days.


  • Cost…these shoes are NOT cheap. The most expensive pair of running shoes I’ve ever bought (see price here).
  • Can wear out somewhat easily. While these are road shoes (and not trail shoes) I use them in both scenarios. And when I use them on the trail they tend to wear out quicker.

Final Thoughts on the Brooks Men’s Beast ’18

For my money (and it’s a lot because these shoes are NOT cheap) this is the greatest pair of running shoes I’ve ever owned. Not only do I use them when I am running at home, I use them as my primary travel running shoes.

If you have big feet, overpronate and maybe a few extra lbs…these are the travel running shoes you’ve been dying to own your whole life.

Buy them on Amazon.com here.


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Brooks Men's Beast '18 Review - Travel Running Shoes

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I agree, love these shoes. FYI the women’s version is called the Ariel.


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