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Bring ear plugs...but ditch the eye mask - Travel Tip Tuesday 39

Travel Tip Tuesday #39 – Bring ear plugs…but ditch the eye mask

by Jeremy B

Our travel tip of the week has to do with sleep. That precious beautiful thing we never seem to get enough. On this Travel Tip Tuesday we are suggesting you bring the ear plugs (but ditch the eye mask).

Usually we focus in on a specific travel topic for our weekly Travel Tip Tuesday posts. However, for the month of October we are winging it! Anything goes! Each Tuesday we will do a deep dive into something travel related but unlike most months we could land anywhere…be sure to read all of the preceding Travel Tip Tuesday’s here. 

Travel Tip Tuesday #39 – Ear Plugs Good; Eye Mask Bad.

Planes, trains and automobiles. Funny movie, for sure. But, they also represent the various noises that keep you from sleeping. Maybe it’s snoring, or ice machines, or elevators, or endless lovemaking in the room next door. Whatever it is…it’s noise.

And it’s keeping you from your beauty sleep.

A trick I learned years ago was to always carry a set of earplugs with me when I travel. It’s hard enough to sleep when dealing with a bit of jet lag, but add a noisy elevator next to your hotel room? Forget about it.

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With earplugs you can drown out the sound of almost anything and blissfully sleep the night away. Take a look at the Mack’s Ear Plugs above and buy them in bulk.

Pro tip: remember you DO need to hear your alarm so maybe set a couple of alarms and a wakeup call!

The second part of this week’s Travel Tip Tuesday post deals with light. Light can be the enemy of sleep too. And one possible way to deal with it is use an eye mask.

However…I recommend ditching the eye mask and sucking it up. Why, you ask? Because you look like a douche-canoe when you wear an eye mask. 🙂

Yup, I said it. You look silly.

In all seriousness (and by now I hope my readers have caught on to the tongue that is firmly in my cheek), if you really want to use the eye mask go for it. It CAN be an effective way at getting rid of light so you can catch a few zzzzzzz’sssss.

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Bring ear plugs but ditch the eye mask Travel Tip Tuesday 39

Bring ear plugs...but ditch the eye mask Travel Tip Tuesday 39

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