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ELFRhino Cord Organizer Review - simple but effective travel cord organizer

ELFRhino Cord Organizer Review – simple but effective travel cord organizer

by Jeremy B

Frequent travelers loathe untangling corded headphones. The plane is at 10,000 feet before you’ve got one ear bud unwound (am I right!?). There’s a simple solution: the ELFRhino Cord Organizer. This simple, but effective, travel cord organizer is a great solution for travelers tired of cord spaghetti.

ELFRhino Cord Organizer – Check The Price

In this ELFRhino Cord Organizer Review we take you through the ins and outs of this travel cord organizer and give you our buy recommendation.

ELFRhino Cord Organizer – a simple and effective travel cord organizer?

Before we get into the details of our ELFRhino review, though, let’s cut to the chase. That’s what you are here for, right?

Yes, we recommend the ELFRhino Cord Organizer.

Not only does it do what it is supposed to do, it does it pretty well. We recommend this product because of it’s sheer simplicity, durability and, of course, price.

But we also put it through it’s paces so let’s get into the review, below.

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ELFRhino Cord Organizer Review

In this section we describe the key features of the ELFRhino Travel Cord Organizer, and discuss our experiences with it.

Key Features of the ELFRhino Travel Cord Organizer

The key features of this travel cord organizer are:

  • Size: 2″ x 2″ (folded); 2″ x 5″ unfurled, 1″ high (ish).
  • Material: Silicone (feels like high quality rubber)
  • Snap: Metal
  • Weight: 1.76 oz

ELFRhino’s product description notes a few other features (although they are more marketing than features):

  • “Compact and classic design, fashion and practical, soft and flexible, convenient to carry
  • Releases earbuds instantly and tangle-free with a single pull, make your life easier
  • Small size to fit easily in pockets, purses or bags, a great option for an organized home or workplace.”

My experiences with the ELFRhino Cord Organizer

There’s not a lot to this product. As usual, I ordered it via Amazon.com and it qualified for Prime Delivery so I had it in 2 days. It went to my regular mail box though and I didn’t check it for a few days so it just sat there.

It came in a small 5″ x 7″ bag, like a large envelope. Easily opened and pulled the three pack I’d ordered out (I went w/ Black, Blue and Pink).

My immediate reaction after handling them was: “Hey, these feel sturdy”

They are made out of a rubbery substance that’s got a meaty feeling. They feel like they will last a while (although time will tell).

The latching mechanism is simple and appears like it will survive multiple uses. How long? Who knows, but for the price, it seems like it will be for a good while.

I was able to intuitively wrap my corded headphones around the organizer without any instructions. Worked like a champ and was simple enough.


My Headphones wrapped around the Pink ELFRhino Cord Organizer

The cord stayed in place, didn’t unravel and when I removed the headphones they didn’t tangle. Mission accomplished.

The only drawback I see is that the ear buds themselves are not protected so depending on how you store them in your bag you may get damage there.

Here are the pictures I took while I was reviewing the ELFRhino Cord Organizer:

Here’s the package the ELFRhino arrived in. It was roughly 7″ x 5″ (below).

Elfrhino Cord Organizer Packaging

I ordered a 3-pack with Black, Pink and Blue. As you can see, it’s more like a teal (below):


To help readers gauge the size of the ELFRhino Travel Cord Organizer, please see the image below. As you will note, when unfolded it’s roughly 5″ in length (a little less, actually).

Image of Elfrhino Cord Organizer Size

When folded, it’s roughly 2″ x 2″. See below

Image of 3 different Elfrhino Cord Organizers

Here’s a close up of the ELFRhino Travel Cord Organizer in use with some old Wired Headphones I had laying around:

Image of Elfrhino Cord Organizer with wired headset wrapped around

Where can I buy the ELFRhino Cord Organizer?

Amazon.com appears to have the best deals on the ELFRhino Cord Organizer. But Ebay and Newegg also carry them.

Buyers can purchase the travel cord organizer in a variety of different colors and packages. The price’s get more attractive (per cord organizer) the more you buy so grab one for each family member, or have an extra one as backup for your next trip.


  • Blue (more of a teal)
  • Pink
  • Light Grey
  • Green (more of a lime green)
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Orange


  • (1) Individual ELFRhino
  • (2) Set of Two ELFRhino’s – different colors (Black & Pink, Black & Blue, Yellow & Blue, Blue & Pink)
  • (3) Three ELFRhino’s – different colors (Black & Pink & Blue, White & White & Grey)

Switching to Cordless Headphones

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention eliminating corded headphones altogether and switching to high-end options like the Beats Solo 3 or using Air Pods from Apple.

We actually recommend this to our readers. Ditch the cords! And go with a set of over the ear headphones.

But, we also recommend that travelers bring a backup corded headphones for “emergencies.” Like when the battery dies and you didn’t charge it, or you sit on them in the taxi. Having a set of corded, old school ear-bud style headphones might save the day for that 4 hour flight home from Chicago on a Friday.

Then…of course…you will need a good travel cord organizer which is exactly where the ELFRhino Cord Organizer comes in. See how we did that… 🙂

Some other Cord Organizer Options

If the ELFRhino rubber cord organizer is not your cup of tea and you are looking for something more sophisticated here’s a few suggestions (although we’ve not reviewed these):

Option 1: ELFRhino Genuine Leather Headphone Earphone Organiser

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Option 2: TOPHOME Cord Organizer Holder Headset Headphone Earphone Wrap

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Option 3: Tangle-Free Earphone Earbud Case

Final Thoughts on Travel Cord Organizers

Ok. There you have it. Thus completeth our review of the ELFRhino Travel Cord Organizer. It’s a simple product for an annoying problem. But it does it’s job.

PS…here’s some general advice on how to prevent your cords from tangling. 

What say you? Do you have a favorite cord organizer for travel? If so, drop us a comment or tweet us. And, if you liked this review, please share it on social media and click the “like” button below and don’t forget to follow us on social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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The ELFRhino Cord Organizer Review - simple but effective travel cord organizer

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